2013 World Championships

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There might be? I'm not sure what's happening today but I'm sure you can figure it out on the USAG website.

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Team just has to be Biles, Ross, Maroney, and bars/beam girl. I think only that last spot is up for grabs. And the alternates, of course.
Who is doing all around for the men? I think it has to be Sam and Jake. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to have Steven on the team. We won't be seeing John's beautiful floor, which is a shame. But good also, because he can protect his knee a little more.
Yeah, it's gotta be Sam and Jake for AA. If they have John do events, you figure he'd do everything but floor and vault? How many guys can they put up on each event?

Though I think Brandon Wynn should do floor at Worlds just so he can do that craaaazee wide-arm planche!
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Yeah, I looked it up and that's right. So what do you think about lineups if Mikulak and Dalton compete AA? Clearly Naddour on pommel and Wynn on rings and Legendre on floor. Probably John for hbar and pbars. And who's the third on vault?
None of the other 3 have very high numbers on the 20 pt scale! And Naddour and Wynn had the same score at P&G. That is going to be an interesting call. I am guessing whomever is vaulting the best that week will get the nod!
They do two vaults in men's, right? Does anyone else on the team even compete a second vault? It's is why I was so surprised that Steven was named to the team!
Ok, I guess according to Uncle Tim, Steven does do two vaults.

I think...Sam and Jake AA
John--hbar and pbar
Steven--floor and vault

I don't like this team. I think Alex deserves to do more than one event....he placed second at Nationals!
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