WAG 2014 Secret U.S. Classic - Live

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I don't know about anyone else but I was almost mesmerized by Simone at the Classics. This girl is just untouchable at this point. 15.9 on vault, 15.8 on floor. Good bars, terrific beam.
And talk about role model -- when she is not doing her own routines she is busy cheering everyone else on. Her smile could light up the whole state of Texas. And when she interviews she usually deflects attention from her own almost beyond human skills to the good work of all the girls. She seems to love and be loved by everyone.
She is definitely going for the Olympics. She even said specifically that she would defer enrollment until after Rio. And look, she may end up going pro. In that case I guess she can do what Jordyn Wieber did at UCLA and be "team manager"

Two years is a long time in gymnastics, but unless Simone has some serious injury or something really drastic happens, I cannot see a 2016 Olympic team without her.
Not open for further replies.