WAG 2016 American Cup

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Aug 20, 2014
Thinking of getting my daughter tickets for christmas. She'd really like to see a few specific girls compete (Biles, Nichols), but I know we won't know for sure until closer to March.

So I'm wondering, would anyone happen know the liklihood of those girls (or others) competing? Is there anyway to guess? Also, I don't know if the fact that it is an Olympic year figures into it somehow...

I technically could also make it an early b-day present for her (but I was planning on trying for the Secret Classic as a late present). So, should I wait and do that instead? Does this event sell out?
I have taken my daughter to the American Cup. I think that no matter who is competing it is super fun. We also went to the Nastia Liukin Cup, which I believe was included. There were tons of kid friendly gymnastics activities throughout.
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It's $20 extra for Nastia Liukin Cup this year (was included for free in the past though!). Biles will most likely compete. However, I think the 2nd American spot is pretty much up in the air. Keep in mind it's maxed at 2 American Women that officially compete. This rule was slightly modified in 2012 when Wieber & Raisman competed and Douglas was an "exhibition" athlete.
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That doesn't surprise me at all. We know (barring something tragic) that Simone Biles is going to the Olympics, so why risk an injury for her at this point? Besides, Martha is probably trying to see who is likely for that 2nd American spot in the AA for Rio. I think those were the best picks, especially given the performances at Worlds, so I'm happy about it. I love watching Simone compete, so I'll miss seeing her, but I think it's in the best long-term interest of Team USA to sit this one out. Gabby and Maggie will represent our country well!
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Looks like Simone is being sent to Pac Rim championships instead. I would assume they need her to draw fans to this event. American Cup already draws plenty of fans and Gabi and Maggie can easily beat the competition.
We are going. My understanding that the tickets are already sold out. But I only have this second hand.

I think many more gyms than expected have reserved tickets, leading to the event being "sold out" until the preorder deadline. If tickets are not sold by gyms by the Deadline they will be released. That's my understanding. Our gym likely will have unsold tickets.
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