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Sep 3, 2005
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I have to say… this opening ceremony for Nationals is pretty cool…

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We watched the Boys' Region Team competition last night. There was some great gymnastics there! So fun to see the regions competing as teams.

We watched on Flipnow which did a 6-split screen. We had it on 2 computers so we could zoom in on some while watching others.

Opening ceremonies looked cool! Just bummed that so many boys missed out.
My son (L8, 13 year old) is in second place AA after day 1 yesterday! Had a good training day today and is ready for tech sequences tomorrow morning. This is his first nationals (since he broke his foot after Regionals last year), and it's everything we hoped for so far!

Good luck to everyone competing!!
I heard there were lots of injuries last night on the women's side... this is not good.

Not good at all :( Hopefully they are minor!

Saw a guy today tear something on rings. He was in a cross, and let go with the other hand to grab under his arm. Then fell to the ground. It did not look good
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I heard there were lots of injuries last night on the women's side... this is not good.
Multiple in DD13’s session yesterday. On of her teammates went down on bars and it looked bad but found out this morning she’s alright… we saw multiple from one region in her session get hurt. I don’t know who these kids are but gossip afterwards is that they are all from the same gym… won’t name the gym but it doesn’t surprise me:(
We had a few delays mid rotation.
Wishing them all a speedy recovery!
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We just got home from Arizona after what felt like the longest five days of my life!

My son ended up having a stellar day 2 of competition, and finished 1st place AA -- making him L8 Junior Elite National Champion (13 year old division) and earning him a spot on Junior National Team! He also got:
1st place Rings
2nd place High Bar
5th place Pommel Horse
6th place Parallel Bars

Watching him compete day 2, watching his name be on top of the scoreboard after the third rotation and stay there... It was an experience I'll never forget.

My son's teammate finished third place in the 12-year-old division and was also named to Junior National Team.

I still feel like I'm dreaming!


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