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Looking for that perfect gymnastics gift? Jen Kula has created a great little guide for us. Check it out at the following link...

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Have some other gymnastics gift ideas for us... let us know in this thread!​

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I'm curious if anyone has a collegiate gymnast? Buying for a soph D3 athlete, and figure that there may be some helpful travel items I'm not thinking of...TIA!
Those roller massage sticks are wonderful. I’ve had one for a million years. Much better for IT bands than trying to roll your body over a foam roller.
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An extension chord with extra plugs and USBs, anker makes a good one. Another option is a battery pack to recharge electronics without a plug ( Again Anker is a good brand but there are many others).

Another idea for college students or anyone with a car is a battery pack that will jump a car without using jumper cables. I have one that is pink and purple and have suprised a few people that were stranded with how well it worked.
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