WAG Featured 2023 Core Hydration Classic Junior Women

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Feel free to check out the conversation at our sister site too (Jr conversation starts at about post 320)...

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I turned it on right as Simone Rose was falling on floor, but I noticed now she still got a 12.05. 12.6 is currently the highest floor score, which she would have blown out of the water without the fall, as there were also a lot of execution deductions that led to her sitting down that front tuck.
Congrats to all! I think anyone that went 4 for 4 deserves a medal! Huge shout-out to Tatum Drusch, silver again!!

The vault scoring/data entry is a little weird.... I wonder if it will be corrected. Six athletes with the same D in her rotation outscored her in execution but scored lower.
This meet is too late at night for the Jr's.
That's a good point. I forget these things because I'm west coast so everything is always early for us, but it must have ended around 10pm in Illinois then. That sucks.