MAG 2023 Winter Cup/Elite Team Cup

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
It's time for Winter Cup! I am so excited this year. I really wanted to go, but could not make it happen.


Here is the schedule of events and streaming options

Live Coverage​

All times Eastern.
Television Broadcast – Saturday, Feb. 25, 1-3 p.m. – Senior Women – NBC
Live Streaming
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Here are the senior athletes competing:

Senior Men​

Javier Alfonso, Miami, FL/University of Michigan
Drake Andrews, Sarasota, FL/EVO Gymnastics
Michael Artlip, Bellaire, TX/Penn State University
Maxim Bereznev, Woodstock, GA/Roswell Gymnastics
Jeremy Bischoff, Santa Clarita, CA/Stanford University
Landen Blixt, Fowlerville, MI/University of Michigan
Cameron Bock, Ann Arbor, MI/University of Michigan
Garrett Braunton, USAF Academy, CO/USAF
Taylor Burkhart, Stanford, CA/Stanford University
Taylor Christopulos, Layton, UT/University of Nebraska
Matt Cormier, Milton, MA/Penn State University
Brandon Dang, San Jose, CA/West Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy
Chase Davenport-Mills, Johns Creek, GA/Roswell Gymnastics
Alex Diab, Bradenton, FL/EVO Gymnastics
Isaiah Drake, Los Angeles, CA/US Naval Academy
Mike Fletcher, Nashua, NH/University of Illinois
Jack Freeman, Palestine, TX/University of Oklahoma
Spencer Goodell, Tigard, OR/University of Oklahoma
Vitaliy Guimaraes, Norman, OK/University of Oklahoma
Ian Gunther, Houston, TX/Stanford University
Dallas Hale, Frisco, TX/Cypress Academy
Asher Hong, Tomball, TX/Stanford University
Patrick Hoopes, Lehi, UT/USAF
Evan Hymanson, Morganville, NJ/Stanford Boys Gymnastics
Michael Jaroh, State College, PA/Penn State University
Joshua Karnes, Erie, PA/Penn State University
Anthony Koppie, Fayetteville, GA/Roswell Gymnastics
Ian Lasic-Ellis, Dover, MA/Stanford University
Troy Lipis, Valencia, CA/Gymnastics World
Riley Loos, Folsom, CA/Stanford University
Connor McCool, Chesterfield, MO/University of Illinois
Yul Moldauer, Arvada, CO/5280 Gymnastics
Stephen Nedoroscik, Sarasota, FL/EVO Gymnastics
Kameron Nelson, Evans, GA/Ohio State University
Noah Newfeld, Plano, TX/University of California – Berkeley
Zachary Nunez, Houston, TX/University of Oklahoma
Vahe Petrosyan, Van Nuys, CA/Gymnastics Olympica USA
Curran Phillips, Naperville, IL/Stanford University
Rithik Puri, Chicago, IL/University of Michigan
Fred Richard, Stoughton, MA/University of Michigan
David Shamah, McKinney, TX/EVO Gymnastics
Daniel Simmons, Cypress, TX/University of Oklahoma
Ian Skirkey, Pepperell, MA/University of Illinois
Blake Sun, San Antonio, TX/Stanford University
Colin Van Wicklen, Spring, FL/EVO Gymnastics
Shane Wiskus, Sarasota, FL/EVO Gymnastics
Ignacio Yockers, Tulsa, OK/University of Oklahoma
Khoi Young, Bowie, MD/Stanford University
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That is super exciting!! My son has several teammates and lots of friends competing too. I am trying to figure out how to put it on my tv at work and call it educational ;)
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