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Dec 6, 2008
Small Town, USA
My dd had her 2nd Level 4 meet today. She did do better than she has been :)

BUT, she got confused on the floor and quit :( She walked off crying 1/2 way through. The judge was even going to let her do it again, but she wouldn't. She's 6, so I'm hoping it's her maturity level. What do you think?? She fell off the beam and got back on, I tried to tell her it was no different with the floor.

She did get 1st on bars, so I've really been trying to play that up because she feels really bad about the floor. And floor is her favorite!
I am sorry that happened on floor. How heartbreaking to watch her get lost and walk off crying.

It is hard to remember and do it in front of all the people and judges. I would try not to worry about it (easier said than done, I know.).

Congrat's on Bars - 1st place - WoooHoooo
Poor little thing. That for sure is her age, I still remember my little one splatting on vault, she wouldn't even try her 2nd vault, it was sooo sad. I totally get where you are coming from.

This too will pass...
First, Congrats on the Bars! WOO HOOO!!!

Floor? Yep, these things happen... and maturity will come, it might takes years but it will.. My DD Started on the wrong side of the beam in her first optional meet. She got about 20 second into the routine, stopped and asked the judges if she could start over.... she was 11.
Congrats on the Bars. I am sure she will get over this. I have to say it is her age. Very sweet that the judge was trying to get her to do it again. We had one of our L5 leave out an entire pass and finished WAY before the music. She came off crying too. It is heart breaking when you see things like that happen.
Awww - I'm sorry to hear about her floor routine. It is hard for a 6 year old to remember and stay focused through a routine like that - esp. if they are nervous. My dd had a friend a few years back who started her routine and somewhere in the middle just stopped - got that deer in the headlights look - forgot where she was - so just decided to start from the beginning again. She ended way after the music, LOL. Her score wasn't pretty - but her and dd still laugh about it to this day.

Hopefully she is too happy about getting first on bars to think to much about it - that is awesome !!!
Thank you everyone for your replies!
I wasn't sure how common/uncommon it was to "quit" like she did. I know that there will be mistakes. Hopefully her future ones will be more "graceful" ;) She did a handstand roll instead of a handstand bridge, stood up and FROZE and ran off crying...
awwwwwwwwwww she is 6 which is great she can get out there and compete at all:)
She will get more confident and congratulations to her on her first place finish on bars:)
that is awesome:):):):)
First place on bars! That is great. Congrats to your DD. I think it is pretty common for these new little gymmies to get confused when they first start competing. It is amazing to me that they can get out there at all in front of all those strangers. And, they are being judged!!!! She will get more comfortable with time. She did great!
WOW, 1st on bars is awesome! Sorry about the floor, I agree with everyone else who said it's normal and nerves (and judges/parents watching) do play a huge part in young L4's.

My DD was a 6yr old L4 last year too, and it was very difficult for her to compete in front of close seated parents. Whatever event was closest to the crowds, was the lowest score of the day, LOL! I think it is hard at that age to just remember everything in a routine. A break in concentration and not knowing what to do next in a split momment is very upsetting. You practice this stuff over and over again and I am sure they (gymmies) want to please coaches, judges and parents in those few minutes of routine time. Also, times of the meet and amount of girls in a rotation play a huge part in younger girls. My DD is not a morning glory...just can't wake up for an early morning session and is often moody. Long/big meets that have alot of girls in a rotation mean a lot of down time and plenty of opportunity to get fidgety and fatigued too. This year she is a 7yr old and now comes the understanding of scores and putting pressure on herself to do better and get good scores. When she tries really hard she gets too tense and fell off the beam more this year than last year. She also decided she wants a perfect 10 score in vault (LOL, impossible I know!) and tries so hard to vault well even though she already gets over 9's all the time she has crashed a couple times and out came the tears.

I think as your DD gets that meet experience, things will get better. Sounds like she just wanted to do things well and was afraid she did something wrong. The coach may advise her what to do next time that happens missing a skill & re-grouping to finish up...sometimes they just don't know what to do when something goes wrong like that.

She'll do better next time for sure!
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