2nd Level 10 Meet Sand Dollar 2008

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Feb 26, 2007
Good job Chloe, nice improvement on floor. Isee what you mean about the beam, it does seem like a harsh score.

Then there is bars, poor thing, amazing how one day it really flows, then another they seem to get the gymnastics version of writers block. She seems to not be too frustrated in the vid, good that she can keep her cool.

5th all around is very respectable, good work!:)
Apr 9, 2007
she's only starting from a 9.5 on beam, she's missing one value part. Nice bail!!!! If she wants to get some more bonus on bars she can connect her blind half to the immediate double full and take that extra giant swing out. Also if she goes kip squat on for her first bar change and adds the uphill later immediately after the bail she can gain some extra tenths. Or she can not do kip squat on and do a lower bar vault mount which is a very easy C.

I was looking at some of your other videos, was wondering when is she gonna put her rudy in her floor routine and her geinger on bars?
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Look at the winter Mardi gras video and see actual bar routine..she actually goes 1/2 pirouteet to blind full piroutte to baille (HS), then she is supposed to connect the blind full to double full....the blind full was yucky so she put the extra giant in....this routine was a total disaster and becasue she NEVER misses bars, I don't think she was sure how to get through it after she missed the blind full :) Winter Mardi Gras she got a 9.1....Sergey hasn't put the Rudy in yet, not sure when. She was struggling with doing the 2 1/2 on 2nd pass so he may have the easier skill in until it is consistent.

He did say if she got her geinger consistent "Might try at meet" He prefers 1st year 10 to do safe routine.

I thought her beam started from 9.9....her beam coach is a level 10 judge and usually is on with start values...What do you think she is missing?

Thanks!!! Anne


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
she is a beautiful gymnast. loved her floor routine and beam as well. i can't believe the noise. the other talents gymnasts possess. to concentrate during noise. LOL. that score seemed too low on beam. awesome that she got back on the bars. it has to be hard to do that, especially since it is usually her best. i am always amazed that they keep going. i am not that strong.


probably will stay 10 and seek a college scholarship which is her goal. She is a really good student and goes to public school, plus she works and trains. I think she would have to give this up if she went elite. We are taking it year by year. Thanks for the ocmpliment.
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