For Parents 2nd level 4 meet video

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She did great! I thought floor was really pretty...and what a great vault!:D
I saw it earlier on youtube, Bug did a fabulous job, her bars are very strong, once she can stop herself she'll be the bomb. Awesome vault.

I love the parental support, a lovely thing for her to hear!
I thought she did great! My DD struggles with putting the brakes on in the mill circle sometimes as well. At States, she did 2 complete ones, LOL. She competes next weekend in her first meet this season. She can't wait!
Bug did great!!All events looked very nice ,that mill circle gets alot of girls .Boy when she does get it defintly will be getting some nice bar scores.Good job Bug Awesome!
WTG Bug! :applause: What an awesome beam routine. Loved the handstand and she was nice and high on her toes. Keep up the good work!
She really did a great job:)! She has very nice form on the bars. I am sure she will be getting some awesome scores once she get the mill circle fixed. My dd always seems to end up in the most populated age group, too:rolleyes:.
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