For Parents 2nd Level 8 Meet Report for Big DD ...

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Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
She is inching her way up, sloooowwwwwwly! Compared with 2 weeks ago, DD improved on Beam, FX and bars. Vault is another story. I didn't get to see warmups as they were in a separate gym, so I didn't know until afterwards that the warmup for Vault was into a pit, just like our gym. The girls came out and had to warm up again. She could not stick her tsuks and on her 3rd warmup, she twisted BOTH ankles. Coach told her to do a half/half instead, which she didn't warm up at all. She ended up with 8.2 from a 9.1 SV, which I guess is not bad but her goal for the day was to stick her tsuk :( Bars - still no pirouette so her SV was 9.2 but the giants are looking a bit better. On beam, DD got her connection! It was the best I've ever seen! She didn't place but she was happy not to be last in the AA :p

This week, we got a new coach and both DD's are so happy with him. In just 2 days, he seemed to have worked miracles with little monkey on bars. Big DD said he complimented her half/half and she was so excited that tonight both new coach and HC told her that her giants were "looking better". I noticed she was casting higher too. It's nice to have her tell me what she did right instead of complaining about what she cannot do! 8 practices till her Sectional!
Feb 26, 2007
It's great when there improvements. Good for her for working so hard. Nice about the new coach, great to have things changed up once in a while.

That sucks about the pit warm up. AT my oldests meet they always warm up on a rod floor strip and then compete on a regular floor, drives the coach nuts as the girls can do awesome tumbling in warm up, bet then the real stuff comes.......
Jan 17, 2008
Sounds like she is making improvements! I am sure she will do well at sectionals. Two thumbs up on the beam connection!

It sounds like she would have flipped her Tsuk if she woudl have been able to warm it up. it is no fun to have to change a complete skill that that.

What score does she need to make state?
Nov 5, 2007
Congrates on the improvements.I also like the approach of the new coach to put more emphasis on the positive than the negative.I think that gives more selfesteem.
When my daughter feels good about herself skills tend to come more easy.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Congrats to your dd, small improvements are still improvements!!!!

My dd told me she didn't like the warm up vault in the back, she said it scared her. :confused:

Her scores will easily improve as she adds her Tsuk back in and once she has that pirouette. I take it you are going to the Devlin Sectional - GL, I know your dd will get the score she needs for States.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That is great that she is improving. Awesome on connecting the beam series! I am sure she will get that score she needs at sectionals and that she won't be last at states. :D It sounds like this new coach is going to be a good influence for both of your girls. I love to hear positive coaching. They need to be told when they are doing something good, just as much as they need to be told when they aren't, but if they never hear positive things, those negatives really take a toll. Sending her a tsuk and a pirouette fairy. :D
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