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My daughter's first meet of the season is 3 weeks away. Her vault is fine, her bars are fine, her floor is downright pretty but she cannot remember the beam routine, her coach has to walk her thru it, and she just cannot get that dismount. She is going to do at least one private lesson and I drug her at home beam out into the living room so she can practice. BTW it is the Level 4 dismount.
Anyone have any pointers I can tell her to get her little legs to "fall over" the beam (as she says) for that dismount?


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Aug 27, 2006
My dd struggled with it for a long time and the coach told her to push on the beam and look at the wall. Once she gets it she will rarely miss it and she will love showing it off

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Dec 23, 2006
As far as learning the routine, at our previous gym the assistant compulsory coach would put a girl who was unsure about the routine on the beam behind a girl who had it down. Would do the same on floor. They usually broke the routine up into 1/3s, so the one in the lead would start with the other behind her and they would do 1/3 over and over. Just have to make sure you have a "lefty" with a "lefty." Sometimes kids will learn more from each other that when adults are trying to teach them.

Old gym didn't have L4, so I just know the L5 and L6 dismounts. Lots of handstand practice to be able to just kick right up to the handstand and hold it before the turn off. All I can remember my daughter saying was, hit the handstand and get control then push hard off the beam.


my DD's coach would tell them they needed to hit a straight vertical handstand and then overbalance to start "tipping" toward their back side. Otherwise, gravity will pull them down the easy way especially if the handstand isn't vertical. It was tricky, but once she got it beam became one of her favorites. You might start on a lower beam and work up to the high one also. Good luck to your daughter!


My dd is also a Level 4. She struggled with that dismount for weeks. One day, it just clicked and she's gotten it ever since. She usually has to warm up a few times but then she gets it and it's beautiful. I think the important thing to remember is to get her hips & legs straight up. My dd had the tendency to bring them in from the side. I also hear her coach saying things like "push" when the time comes to bring her legs down. She also tells her to stay straight on the way down. She had a tendency to tuck her knees in. Just keep working at it and think how proud she'll be when she finally gets it! :D HTH!
Beam is now her favorite event, too!


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Sep 22, 2007
My daughter just needed to point her toes and that's all it took to send her over. She struggled for the whole first year with it. Also practice a "perfectly aligned handstand against the wall.
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