Parents 3rd L6 Meet Report (video)

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Lovely bars, her cast handstand is delightful. Love the angle on the beam video, it just serves to remind us just how brave and talented these little gymmies are. She did a wonderful job.

What did she think of Vegas?
Hey Bog,

Funny you ask that, the first thing she said when she finished the meet was "did I do a cast on bars?". I told her she did and she said 'it just happens sometimes'.

We were almost right on top of them on beam. She had two aunts, two grandpa's and a grandma sitting what seemed like almost on the beam. My wife 'kindly' mentioned that dd can block out alot of things, but having them all so close might be a little much for her. They just smiled and didn't move. DD said she was literally shaking on the beam. I was standing as far back as I could get on the top step of the bleachers, but it was still very close.

Vegas is a total trip. We learned that the casino's spent a ton of money making it family friendly only to discover that there is no money in families. It is pretty seedy and no longer a place to take your kids, if in fact it ever was:eek: DD loved Vegas, it's a real spectacle.

Our trip started with a very long cab ride from the airport...even though the the hotel was close. Seems we got taken on what they call 'the loop'. It adds about $10 to the fare.
Ok, here's the whole scoop.....Apparently the new movie 'Edwin A Salt' is undergoing a gender change and will now feature Angelina Jolie as the lead character instead of Tom Cruise.

Jolie plays 'a CIA officer who's accused by a defector of being a Russian sleeper spy and must elude capture long enough to establish her innocence'. Some casting directors came by our gym and picked a bunch of girls to audition to be an 11 y.o. Jolie during a flash back scene. They need someone who is athletic for the stunts.

The auditions were held last Monday in a warehouse and the girls had to do tumbling on a concrete floor with mats. DD bruised her heel and has been limping around all week. What's most troubling is that she tried to hide her injury from us and she has been very cryptic about what happened and what's wrong.

Because she's been missing practice, her coaches wanted her to come in for an extra practice before we flew to Vegas...we couldn't attend:rolleyes: After we landed, they wanted us to bring her to the gym for a practice. Her foot seemed to be better, but after we got to the hotel room it was swollen and we could barely see her ankle. We got the swelling down and she was able to rest her ankle as much as possible for two days prior to the meet.

On meet day, there was no swelling, but she was definitely not 100% either. She started on floor and I could see her favoring her foot a little. The music seemed slow and at one point she even stopped to get in sync with it. She scored a 9.025 9th Place.

Next, to my shock and amazement she did a good vault. Instead of her coach saying 'good job, sit down' she had her do a second vault. Afterwards, she was limping again. Score was 8.450 13th Place.

On to bars which was next to the viewing area. My wife gave DD an ice bag and a Tylenol and told her to elevate her foot. Coach responded by moving the team away from the viewing area. Score was 9.250 5th Place.

Last event was Beam. DD got a 9.125 3rd Place. AA score was 35.850 6th Place. She was a little disappointed that her win streak on bars had ended. After the meet, her foot looked alright with no swelling. I'm very proud of her. She wanted to compete very badly but I'm not really proud of myself for letting her do so. I'm just really grateful that she isn't injured. We will be keeping her home from practice indefinitely
My goodness, what was the coach thinnking a little passive aggressive maybe? That is a hard learned lesson, she did look like she was favouring her other foot.

What does indefinitely mean? Forever?
DD loves gymnastics too much for it to be forever, but she needs time to let her foot heal. Ever since she injured it a year ago, it's always hurt. She was in a walking boot for two weeks and then a cast for two months.

It's always the same foot. The swelling and pain comes and goes. She says it's fine. We take her to a kineisiologist once a week. One of the things he says he's done a few times is to pop a bone back into place.

There's nothing broken or torn. It's just getting very frustrating to see her limping around and in pain all the time.
Thanks CGM and kevchriswilli. DW took dd to the Dr today. He took an x-ray and checked out the foot. She has a badly bruised heel. The recommendation is two weeks rest and a plastic insert to protect the heel while it heals.
Glad it is nothing too serious.

She is a joy to watch. Very elegant.
she did great. I did not see her favor her foot. she is a strong competitor. Glad it only needs rest. When is her next meet?
Very nice, she looks gorgeous on all her events. She sounds like a tough kid, from what you have recounted here. You must be proud! She sounds a bit stoic, so good job on getting her seen for her foot, hope she heals super-fast! :)
she did great. I did not see her favor her foot. she is a strong competitor. Glad it only needs rest. When is her next meet?

DD has been cleared to practice. I think the rest did her good and it was great to have her around the house in the evenings if even for only two weeks. Her next meet is in one week.

BTW - I had some time and redid her meet video. I changed the music and added some pictures of her B-day at the end. I think it came out great. You gals are probably pretty sick of my videos by now, but thanks for humoring me. I really enjoy making them and sharing them with my CB family. Here's the link for anyone who might be interested:

Vegas Cup 2-08-09 on Vimeo
We never get sick of video! How saad are we?

GLad she is doing better now, thoses injuries can be a a real nuisance.
She is really a lovely gymnast, she did awesome. Never get sick of videos. :D

Fooey on that coach.

I am so glad she is doing better and cleared to go back to gym. Hope she can keep that heel from being injured again. Ouch.
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