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Oct 2, 2016
I had my third meet a while back, but didn't post about it. It was on an ice rink and was FREEZING. It wasn't so fun.
Vault: 8.9, 1st place
Bars: 8.7, 4th place (9.5 sv)
Beam: 8.9, 3rd place (fall)
Floor: 9.4, 2nd place
AA: 35.8, 2nd place
Team: Something, 1st place
Didn't do as well as I was hoping, but overall wasn't bad. Everyone but one girl on our team got top 3 aa. The one girl got fourth due to a tiebreaker.
PS I have a couple meets in March, might just post them all together instead of separate posts.
Congrats on your successful meet! I can't imagine competing in such a cold setting, that would've driven me nuts!
We attend a meet every year that is on an ice rink. That being said there are wooden boards in-between the gymnastics equipment and the ice! It definitely is cooler and the kids know now to pack slippers and extra clothes and blankets for in between events [emoji12].
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