4th High School meet

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Feb 19, 2007
Although I still post a fair amount on here, I haven't really posted much about my own daughter since she decided to retire from Club Gymnastics. She IS in her third year of competing for her high school during the winter season, and I am happy she has decided to continue doing that.

She's been having a lot of fun with it. Has choreographed one of her new teammate's floor routines (the girl is a cheerleader... can tumble, but nothing else this year). She has also had fun "touching" up another girl's routine, and now that girl is consistently scoring low to mid-8's (great for HS scores).

Anyway, today, for the first time in her high school "career" actually placed (on beam) at a 16-team invitational! She was so surprised when they called her name!

I just had to post! Thanks!
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That is so great for her! And I'm sure she loves choreographing for her teammates ;)
So exciting! Her beam routine was beautiful and I'm glad her score held up against some very tough competition. Her team as a whole looked great from what I was able to see, I'm sure her coach and teammates are glad to have her around to help out. Best wishes for a healthy and successful rest of the season, it was so nice meeting you! :)
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Coachmolly, it was great meeting you too!!! I thought your team looked amazing, ESPECIALLY after reading your earlier comments about their gymnastics experience! You have done a wonderful job w/them! Thank you so much for the kind comments about my daughter!
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Aw I love CB meet ups!

TQM I am so glad your DD placed today, she has worked so hard and struggled aganst those never ending injuries. She has much to be proud of.
Congrats to your DD! Love it when they get those great surprises like that! She has def worked hard and deserves that time in the spotlight!
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