WAG A bit confused (side aerials)

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Jan 17, 2023
As of now, I am extremely close to my side aerial on the floor (I have it off a raised surface) . I put my hands down during the last second before I land, and I’m super frustrated.

Anyhow, what I’m confused about is this: I have practice twice a week and different coaches on each lesson. One coach says when approaching the aerial I should take my arms up in a hurdle and have them straight while in the air, while reaching forward as I kick with my back leg. She explained how if I don’t get too much height it’ll be easier to get over and land.

My other coach says I should try and get as high as possible for power and have my arms bent and close to my chest and my arms should not be up in the hurdle, but rather they should swing into my chest.

I’ve tried both ways, and neither has been getting me my aerial on the floor. And since both coaches are giving different advice, I’m not sure which is better. Which is the standard and most effective way that is usually taught? Pushing up for height, or forward for less height? Is it a matter of preference? I’m sure both coaches know what they’re doing, but I’m confused.
My coach(es) always said more height- altho my aerial is usually pretty low: I only make it cuz my swing is pretty good. But I'm trying to improve as I usually land with my chest down- and that has to do with height!
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In your side aerial, hurdle up as high as possible, with your arms up and straight. Once you have hurdled take your chest down to yiur legs quickly and swing your up to yiur sides, but keep your arms perfectly straight.