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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
my girls gym does not have AC since its in the local highschool there
tonights practice was canceled since the heat index is too high

do your kids have AC in the gym?


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Our gym doesn't have A/C either & practice is never cancelled due to excessive heat. Although I think it should be at times. The coaches just don't work them as hard & they take lots of water breaks, on extremely hot days. I think I did keep DD home one day last summer, when it was intensely oppressive.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
This will be our 2nd summer in our new facility, and yes, it does have AC however it is not always on. In our old building, we didn't have AC and practice was never cancelled. We used to send them with several frozen water bottles.


Jul 26, 2008
Yep, there is air at ours.... the girls would never practice if not!! Currently over 100F, and that's not adding in the heat index!

Still - it's warm in there, particularly up in the parent viewing area. I often hear other parents complaining about how warm it is, but I bet they would yell even louder at the increase in fees if the owners turned it to a temp that was comfortable, kwim?

It's not nearly as warm on the floor either as it is in the mezzaine. The girls say it's bearable.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
We have A/C, but it doesn't cool very well since the building is so huge with high ceilings and everything. It gets really, really hot in there and practice is NEVER EVER cancelled. The girls just sweat and sweat and sweat!


Active Member
Nov 5, 2007
No AC here.The girls have morning practice during the summer so it is not to bad.


No AC here either but now that the kids had their last day of school today next week will be the summer schedule where they practice in the AM until just after lunch then get to swim in the Gym pool (they have swim lessons and summer gym camp). Lots of fans around. But its only reached 70 here the really hot weather usually is only July and Aug which means no running outdoors on the "unhealthy" days.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
No AC here. The parent / preschool class area has it, the big gym does not. Multiple fans and LOTS of water. I also freeze water bottles for DD


Jan 18, 2009
No AC in our gym, poor gymmies sweat like crazy. They do cancel practice if it is too hot. I have to agree though, they only do it in extreme heat.

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
No Ac here either no cancel either. Coaches would understand if DD skipped however. We have fans and dehumidifiers since it is very muggy too right now

Lots of water and freezie breaks DD recommends these.


Jul 29, 2007
We have AC in our gym, but for the last week it has been about 95 to 99 degrees with a heat index of 105. Plus, major humidity. If you are from the south, you know that means when you walk out the door within five minutes you are pouring with sweat. Therefore, the AC has been working double time here and the gym is just an aluminum building with no insulation. The coaches thought it wasn't working correctly, so they had the Heating and Air people come out. They said it was working properly, but it just couldn't keep up with the heat.

The gym has several big fans and has purchased another one. The booster club bought a misting fan for the girls to use outside during breaks that they take about every hour. Our girls were told to bring frozen water, as well.

You may want to check your local Fastenal for some headbands that my dd's wear around their necks. You wet the bands and tie them around their necks. Construction workers tie them around their foreheads.When you wet them, they have stuff in them that keeps them really cool. We used them at Disney World a few weeks ago, also. They stay cool for about 24 hours, then just rewet them and they are ready to use again. They are like $4.00, so very inexpensive.


Been at 2 different gyms
Gym 1. - had A/C, but NEVER turned it on. They also never turned on (or fixed, because they always claimed it needed repaired) the heater. The girls FROZE in the winter, had to wear warm ups for entire practice a couple times....So,
Gym 2. - No a/c, but take plenty of breaks and bring those water bottle/fans in to practice. At least 1 day during summer, they'll cancel practice and have a fun day practice swimming at the owners pool.

Even without a/c, i love the gym, and the girls seem to get used to it. Would love to have a new facility with air, but not in the budget I guess.


Staff member
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Club Owner / Manager
Jan 4, 2008
We have no A/C, and we never cancel practise. Right now it is the middle of Winter and it is 70 degree's, so you can imagine how hot it gets in summer. But we are so used to the heat that at 70 degree's we are freezing and everyone is shivering and wrapped up. We havee no heating either.


Yes, they have a/c and it is wonderful! Makes practices so much nicer for the girls.


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
no a/c in the gym at old gym or new gym - but they both have ac in the waiting / changing room. So they do get to take a break and cool off. Both placed have big industrial sized garage doors they open in the summer and huge fans.

Old gym didn't vault in the summer - very hot corner of the gym

New gym does night and early morning when it's cooler

I have seen girls step outside and pour their water over their heads and jess did overheat once already. I had to pour water over her head she was hyperventilating.

I've heard that even if they do have ac many gyms are so big the place never really cools off.


No AC here either! It was 84 Farenheit at 7:30 and climbing this morning here. Today we are supposed to blow past 90 plus the humidex. We get very hot humid summers. (Canada's Banana Belt) Today is a spare the air day meaning no grass cutting or unnecessary driving or outdoor exercise because the humidex is high. Thankfully we have a pool and DD can't wait to dive in when she gets home from the gym.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
AC in the lobby and viewing area, but the gym doesn't have it. They do put up big fans, prop doors open and have a couple of swamp coolers for really hot days. Have never had them cancel practice due to heat.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think there is A/C in DDs gym. She never seems to be sweating a whole bunch, so must have some. It gets to 100+ for several months of the year here and days with 110+, so I think it must be turned on sometimes. She hasn't complained yet. Old gym had A/C and it wasn't cold in there, but bearable in the summer.


No ac at our gym either. Our old gym had ac but it was such a big space you really couldn't cool it down too much anyway so not sure it's too much of a difference. I send my dd with frozen water bottles. They have tons of fans and keep all the doors open so at least the air circulates.
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