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May 27, 2021
I am currently 14 years old and a level 9 gymnast. I have been working on back twisting since I was 8 years old and I still can’t consistently do a back full. It appears I have a case of what everyone refers to as “the twistys” It has been messing up everything.
When I try to do a back layout my brain tells me “this would be a good full.” So I twist. I’ve read things saying this is vestibular but I don’t think it is. My issue isn’t that I don’t know where I am and it’s not that I haven’t put enough time into the basics. I have competed a half punch front for a while and I also love front twisting but I don’t like back twisting more than a half. It makes it really difficult to do stuff and it’s beginning to affect vault. I love doing double backs but I never get to them because I can’t warm up a layout. I’m fine if I never get more than a half but I need to be able to do a layout so that I can get bigger skills. My coaches are amazing and help as much as they can but I really need some more advice. Has anyone else been through this or coached someone like this? Thank you so much for your time<3

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I am very sorry, but you have to be 16 to participate on the Chalkbucket. I'm going to put 2-year ban on your account, but you should still be able to read replies. And you write very well, very clearly; I hope that when you're 16 and the ban expires, you'll come back and participate in our community!

To answer your question, I would go back to back salto basics on a trampoline. Here's a very rough outline of the progression, but if at all possible I recommend getting help from a T&T coach if one is available:
1) Back drop, pullover to front drop.
2) 3/4 back salto to front drop. Do this in all three positions.
3) Back tuck
4) Open back tuck
5) Very open (ie almost laid out) back tuck
6) Back layout

In addition, on all flipping skills you should pay close attention to what you see while flipping.

Best of luck, and I hope we hear from you again in a couple of years!


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Jun 14, 2019
I am actually really curious about this as my daughter (level 7 rising 8) has been trying to get her back twisting for a while now. She doesn't twist until the very end and therefore crashes (onto a resi) and fears it. We are trying out new gyms this week and once established she really wants to work on fixing this mental block. Are there actual progressions for twisting? All she was ever told was just do it.


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Jul 23, 2013
My dd suffers from the twisties from time to time. I cannot count how many times we’ve gone back to the beginning. I don’t know the entire process, but I know when she’s trying to add twisting, she does it in half steps. For example, if she wants to do a 3/2, she’ll do a full, then a half turn after she lands. She has much more control and better spatial awareness on her front twisting. She CAN back twist, but bc of her twisties, it messes up her vault so she mostly flips right now.
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