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Jun 17, 2009
ok usa
Just looking for an opinion on leg cut in leos and who better to ask than the athletes that wear them what do you like best????? traditional cut or a higher leg cut???? looking forward to your responses.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
personally - traditional cut, just because it covers more. If that isn't a worry, like for littler kids who are not self conscious, then i would go with higher cut.
Feb 3, 2009
Personally, I like traditional cut too. Leotards tend to ride up when tumbling on floor or doing hard tumbling skills on beam. The high cut leotards ride up more and there's nothing more unattractive in a performance than a gymnast's bottom hanging out or overexposed. :eek:


Higher cut. But in all honesty it depends on the ages and body types. Younger girls and more muscular tend to like the tradional, as older girls and the "long and lean" type tend to appreciate higher cut more.
Dec 8, 2007
I like the traditional cut because thats what I am used to. I have one leo that is much higher cut from the 90's and I love the leo but the higher cut sometimes gets annoying.


Jul 5, 2007
I didn't think anyone was even getting the non-high cut ones for club gymnastics anymore.

The traditional cut doesn't fit any better from my point of view (and looks worse). They'll still ride up. We had some for high school gym, was terrible. I've had high cut leos that stayed so much better and the fit was so much more flattering. The greatest influencing factor of that is the fit of the leo and the fabric type. Some of the fabrics tend to be looser/stretchier and ride up more. The more common mystique or dot mystique fabrics that have a tighter stretch to them tend to stay pretty well.

After a certain age I find that pretty much any and every long sleeved leo will ride up during the course of a floor routine (sleeveless do a little better here because they don't ride up as soon as you lift your arms). It's just a matter of getting a decent enough fit that not too much is exposed.

Also the sizing leos that are sent aren't that useful in my experience. They're often stretched out and nylon fabric that is stretchier than the fabrics that are favored today.

If you have a gymnast with a long torso, and are concerned about fit from that standpoint, then the long torso option is the way to go in my opinion over traditional leg cut.

Edit: reading that over, I had no idea I such intense and specific feelings about leg cut on leos.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Definatly traditional cut! On floor i always manage to get a really big wedgie with the traditional...higher cut would just make it worse! I would also be too self consious with a higher cut leo. But then again, my leo's are all velvet...
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Jun 24, 2008
^ I've already voted, but actually, I find wedgies to be much worse with traditional cut than higher cut.
I definitely prefer higher cut....much more flattering particularly for the older gymnast! Also I find that they dont ride up any more than traditional ones and are comfier. To be honest all leos ride up, getting a good leo glue helps, and the higher cut looks so much nicer!!!


i prefer the higher cut.
i feel the traditional cut is so low on some girls cause they still pull it down and it makes some girls butts look bigger. its unflattering.
just my opinion :)
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