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Oct 27, 2007
Hi All. I haven't posted in a while. It's been a little over a month since DD quit gym. She is doing great taking a break and catching up on all those social activities she never had time to do. (I never new she had so many non-gym friends!! LOL) She says she doesn't miss it, just her gym friends. I'm still missing it some, but it gets easier every day. (I don't miss the gas bill!)

Tonight is her banquet so she'll be able to see all her gym friends again. Since she finished out the season and paid all her dues, she wil participate and get an award. Besides that, I got the DJ so it's my last duty as a gym mom.

She did go to an open gym last week and found she still had all her skills. She even climbed to rope without using her legs at all which she could never do before. Maybe the time off is good for her. She still had her giants, her full, free hips weren't as high, and is now working on 1 1/2 full into pit. I'm trying to get her to go once a week but with her social schedule it's hard to schedule gym - Isn't that a laugh! Well now that school is over and the school carnival is done, maybe she'll have more time. It is amazing how the time fills up like a sponge. She also finished strong in Track Championships in May with 2 second place finishes - long jump and 100 relay. How did we fit 20 hrs a week at the gym???

She's checked out some other gyms in the area (20 miles away) -we were looking for a lower level program but what we didn't bank on is none of them have the equipment & facilities she is used to. So at this point she tells me she is done except for an occasional open gym at her old gym.

So I still am checking the board periodically. Thank you all for being there during the time she quit. It truly helped me get through it.

I have posted a bunch of pictures in Krystina's album and have checked out all the albums. They are wonderful. It would be great if we could comment right in eachother's albums. I have also listed 17 leos on ebay- my username is kitkat1961 (Am I allowed to say that? Sorry) She still has about 10 in the drawer, so I was a sad sad sad parent too.

So we'll be going to the olympic tials in 2 weeks (we have tickets all 4 days- with her old club) and then she goes to gymnastics camp at IGC for a week in PA. Maybe she will change her mind. But I can truly say she has taken all the good gymnastics has to offer. She remained injury free through 9 years in the sport and has learned so many lessons that will last a lifetime.

Thank you again for a terrific board.

Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Dd1 has been out now for a month, too. She was fine while school was in session because there was so much end of the year stuff. School ended a week and a half ago, and since then there's been a bit of boredom. We're hoping driver's ed in July keeps her busier. For the month of June, though, she has early morning activities only. She's asked to take a tumbling class one night a week with another ex-team girl (although my dd1 also claims she doesn't miss the gym). I don't want this one to think she should go back. She needs to move on.

Dd2 has been out for a week. So far, not a peep out of her about the gym, and except for softball games and practice she has been a giant couch potato.

Like you, I don't miss the gas bill at all, and love being able to say "yes" to other things they might want to try without wondering how I will juggle the budget.

Here's to the road ahead.
Aug 3, 2007
You might want to reconsider selling your daughter's leos. You never know! I removed 57 leotards from my dd's drawer last year, and within 6 months time she was right back in them. I really and truly thought she was done after about a month out of the gym. So glad I held onto them! Luckily, she still does gymnastics along with other sports too, which she enjoys just as much. Having a life is important to a teenager. Just a thought though- if she is good at track, please look into finding a pole vaulting coach in your area. Former gymnasts are great at pole vaulting and it's a relatively new sport for girls so there are many opportunities out there to advance in this sport. My dd loves it, and has had tremendous success at it. Good luck!
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Feb 10, 2007
glad its going good my girls are out of the gym for a bit but not cause they want to its cause the gym is closed they are going crazy !! youngest keeps asking when LOL

Oh I love those leos you have on ebay I am soo tempted but my girls have a ton allready!!
Jan 17, 2008

keep Checking in with us still in the daily grind of gym, school, work and fiting in other things!

I wish you and DD the best in everything she tries - maybe she will decide to come back in a while.. you never do know!
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