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Feb 8, 2008
Now that I have seen some more of the site, I thought I would add some more about myself.

I did gymnastics when I was around 5-6, then I had to quit when my dad went to London for six months. I didn't get back again until I was 11, then that winter I took another break because I forgot to sign up again after Christmas.:eek: I made team (at the local YMCA) in February 2003, and competed that fall as a level four. I moved up to five and my first year was pretty tough, there's alot of new skills to learn. After most of the season some things finally clicked. I improved my tumbling massively, and I got my long hang kip. There was ONE meet left, and I was totally ready to get my score and move to level six. Unfortunately the weather got in the way and the meet was canceled.

My coach wanted me to move up too, so the deal was get my move up asap and then compete six. That fall was my freshman year in high school, and I made cheerleading (the ONLY freshman) so I could only practice once a week for about a month before my first meet. When I finally got my score (which was a 31.0 exactly; and that has another long story attached) I didn't compete six until after christmas, and then it was without bars because I still didn't have my ever evasive long hang kip. When I "got it" the first time it evaporated into outer space and it wasn't until over a year and a half later that I got it once and for all. (It was my height that was holding me back, my body position jumping to the bar made it pretty much impossible for me to make them.)

I was all set to go that next fall, my sophomore year, and things were pretty good until mid november when my coach got a new job. This was pretty much catastrophic news for my whole gym because a whole bunch of girls quit and moved to other gyms, and those of us who stayed had to deal with some traumatic changes. I had had the same coach since pre-team, and my coach has a very unique coaching style. I had the program head as a coach for a while, who I had had before on and off, so that was fine. We finally got new coaches in february and there was FOUR of them, and they all came on different days. It was crazy and ineffective. My very first day with a new coach I pulled in on my flyaway and hit my toes on the bar, something I had never even come close to doing before. To make matters worse, there were nothing but level fours there that day, and all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and cry for my coach. The summer was better though, and I have one coach, though I still talk to my old one all the time and even go to work out with her once in a while. At meets I text her my scores and I'll call her before beam and bars because she knows exactly what to say to calm my nerves because I'm a complete head case.

Last weekend at a valentines meet I finally got my move up score which mean new and scarier things. I'm excited though, I haven't gotten a new skill in a long time.

On top of all this I take all the advanced classes possible, I'm a cheerleader, I play the flute in band and pep band, and I have a job to pay for car/cheerleading/gymnastics camps and meets.

So if you ever happen to notice me on any time from 6-11 pm on a school night feel free to send me a private message and tell me to get off and do my homework. I probably have precalc/english essay/ chem homework I should be doing. I love the site though I'm not sure it's a good thing that I found it....


That's such a crazy life-it sounds somewhat familiar (though not completely) I wrote a poem about it!

I started gmynastics at th etender age of five
I knew no fear; I'd barely been alive.
As my classmates tried so hard to do the splits,
I didn't understand, 'Why can't everyone do it?'
Class was at a middle school, but I didn't care.
All that really mattered was getting to go there.
I learned all the events-boys and girls the same.
I loved pommel horse, though I didn't know the name.
Ever since then, gym has been my thing.
And though I won't, it made me so happy I could sing.
I moved to a YCMA when I was about eight.
It was bigger, better: how great!
When I was ten I made the team,
Earning a place on the competition scene.
That's where I found my first fear
Over the backhandspring; led to many tears.
It was the only time I ever wanted to stop.
I couldn't do it: I though it was a flop.
But instead I worked harder and don't you know
I learned the handspring, which goes to show
That hard work can get you anything,
You just have to step into that ring.
As an eleven-year-old level four,
I earned many awards, and then more.
I moved up to level five next,
But the highbar kip had me perplexed.
I was stuck once again but it was different this time.
I knew I could get through it; that I'd be fine.
So the next winter I was winning on bars.
On top of the podium, I was a star.
As a freshman in highschool, I became a level six
I'd been in it so long, the sport really sticks.
Backwalkovers on beam were scary, and backtucks were hard.
But I'd seen it before, and knew I could still go far.
So the next year I had a great season,
Myself, my work ethic, the only reason.
So for the next season, I became a level seven.
Being an optional-oh, it was heaven!
And though I still get scared from time to time
I remind myself I'm still in my prime.
And I remember my younger gymnast tales,
And being sweeter, not afraid to fail.
And though sometimes I wish I could train for the Olympic Games,
I realize that if you love the sport, it's really all the same.
It's doing what you love, and loving what you do
That shows your success and the real you.

I know how you feel a/b school. I have soooo much work all the time.
Dec 8, 2007
Welcome to chalkbucket! That sounds like a complicated story! But I'm glad you got through it all!

I'm a level 8... 14 years old 8th grade um I love doing giants I love to tumble and I'm a really bad dancer..... lol thats basically me
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