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Another story that shows how tough gymnasts are...

My daughter rolled her foot, slightly, on a backhandspring landing a little over a week ago. No severe pain or swelling, but over the course of a week it was alternately better and worse (some days she'd run and walk fine, others she'd limp). She practiced the entire time, skipping things that caused her pain.

I took her to the orthopedist last Friday and found that she has a probable fracture on one metatarsal. The orthopedist also found new bone growth on ANOTHER metatarsal that indicated a probable fracture about 2 weeks old!

She had a similar injury this winter, but there was no bone damage, and I really thought this was the same thing. She is in a boot and will be reevaluated in 2 weeks. Just when you think you can diagnose an injury as a parent...

It is a blessing in disguise, however. The rest of her USA 5 season will be a wash, so she will condition/train as able and compete AAU5 in the winter. Since she has struggled with vault and bars this season, the extra time will really benefit her.
Sorry about the injury - it just goes to show how you never can tell.

I am glad that it will actually work out well for her. Keep us posted.
These girls are too tough for their own good sometimes !! I hope she heals quickly.
So sorry to hear about your dd's injury. Hope she recovers quickly, and the extra conditioning help gets her 100% ready for her aau5 season:).
That's really too bad. Amazing the level of pain some girls can tolerate, she must be a tough little cookie. As you say the silver lining of this cloud is that she can train longer to perfect her skills.

My oldest rolled her ankle on Sat am at gym, when I picked her up she was icing (made me want to weep, she seems to be always injured) then she proceeded to get up, feeling no pain anymore and do 4 ro bhs lo's on the floor. Of course on Sunday it was hurting a bit. I imagine if it still hurts by Wednesday we'll be off to the sports therapist.

Ah these gymnasts...
Another story that shows how tough gymnasts are...

firstly, sorry to hear about your dd's injury. We went through a similar run of bad luck last year with a fracture and then a torn ligament in the same foot. She is definitely getting more tolerant to pain, but also has learned to shut it down if it doesn't feel right.

As far as how tough she's gotten, last Monday she forgot to let go of the bar and landed on her head while doing a fly away. She was down for a few minutes to get herself together, but wanted to do a couple more before she ended practice so she wouldn't end with the fear of falling....just wanted a couple of good ones to end with. She had a headache that night and the next day, so she stayed home from practice. She probably had a mild concussion:eek:

I asked her if it was her worst fall. She said no, she still has memories of 'splitting the beam' a few times when she was learning the her L4 routine and that that was waaaay worse.
So sorry to hear about dd's 2 injuries. The most important thing now is to get her healthy and ready to go for her AAU season. My guess is the 1st fracture was a stress fracture and many athletes don't notice the pain as much as a traumatic fracture. She probably wrote if off as her foot being a little sore. Do ask the ortho to really take a look at the way she walks and if need be send her to a foot/ankle specialist. We had a friend whose dd had several stress fractures in her foot and when they really watched how she walked, found she had always tended to roll all of her weight(what little there was!) on the outside of her foot, so she was putting pressure on only 2-3 bones in the foot. They were able to get orthotics to correct the way she walked.

Had a L10 girl at our previous gym who missed a release skill on high bar and landed on her butt. Taken to the hospital and the MRI did show a compression fracture in the low back which is what would be expected from that kind of fall. The MRI also showed a healed stress fracture of another vertebrae that the doctor estimated was 1-2 yrs old. She had never been treated for back pain until the fall!
Sorry to hear about DD's injuries:(. At least boot is much more tolerable then a cast, glad she lucked out with that. Hope the healing time goes by fast for her. Here's the healing fairy for you:wizard:.
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