Coaches AAU vs NGA (compared to USAG)

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Alex Gold

Jan 8, 2017
Hey all - I'm an owner of a gym who is looking at signing up for "formal" meets for the first time.

I'd like to avoid USAG (mainly for cost reasons) but I've heard AAU and NGA are both fairly common in my neck of the woods (basically the Twin Cities, MN).

I've coached meets before (Xcel) but am brand new to AAU/NGA and to the administrative side of setting up membership, finding what skill levels those organizations have, etc. Is there a good place to start gathering information and deciding between them? We'd be hoping to compete this upcoming winter season. (We have athletes with bronze/silver skills, just haven't done formal competitions yet).

AAU uses USAG rules and levels, 1-10 and all Xcel, with some variations in deductions. NGA uses USAG level structure/labels, 1-10 and all Xcel, but theyput an N in front of it. They use the same basic structure and deductions, but they have all levels as optionals with SRs like Xcel, no compulsory routines. They have basically the same deductions with some variations and exceptions—that gets a little confusing, but their code explains it. I hope that helps a little to get you started. I know others will fill in with more detailed information.