Parents ? about leo sizing???

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Feb 10, 2007
my 5 yr old wears a CS in Gk brand and my 7 yr old wears CL or AS
it just seems wierd to put a 7 yr old in an adult size I dont get the sizing!!

what ages are they really made for? what age and size do you get?

Just trying to understand the sizing abit more!
My daughter wears the GK brand too. She is 6 and has been wearing the CM for almost 2 years now. Her comp leo and team leo are also CM. However, there are some taller girls and they are into the CL size. The coach says the comp leo is supposed to be tight. Ours isn't, we want to get another season out of it if possible. Maybe the GK site has a size chart? Or, the person in your gym that orders for the team may know what a true size is? Our GK warm-up though is a CS and still very long/big so that size runs differently. Good Luck!
I think most leo makers base their measurements on the length from the shoulder to the crotch. They may also factor in the measurement of the chest, waist, hips and torso. My dd fits fine in a CM (she's 6) but can also wear a CL with a little room. As far as comp. leos go, they ordered her a child small because yes, they do want them skin tight. It almost looks like they spray painted it on! :eek: Every girls body is different so do your measurements to get the best fit.
My 11yo who is about 75# wears a CL in GK. They tried an AXS on her for a comp leo and it was too loose fitting(not skin tight) and the sleeves were too long. Seems GK can be all over the map on their sizing.
The most important thing I have learned about any leotard is go by the girth of the leo for the best fit. The girth is a cicrle measursure from the kids croch area thru the the oppsit shoulder. I have see girls smaller then my DD need to get a bigger size becuase they had a longer torso. It is funny the difference in sizes but it is just like a pair of good fitting jeans you have to try them all to get the best fit...
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