About what level would I be USAG

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Im Australian, and was just curious as to roughly what level USAG I would be. Thanks to any one who answers this. Ok so here are my routines/ Skills

Vault- Half on Full off, training tsuk

Floor- change leap, side change leap, double turn on one foot, frontsault stepout roundoff bhs back tuck full twist, Round off flip layout/ working fulls, frontlayout

Beam- Front tuck mount, double turn, change leap wolfjump, front tuck(still with a spot) straight back into korbut. Just front tuck dismount

Bars- jump full into kip, straddle cast handstand, clearhip, hiccup (toeshoot to highbar thingo), kip, backhip circle layout flyway. Can do giants on single rail


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Nov 4, 2009
North Carolina
Most events look to be level 8. Front tucks on beam actually aren't until level 9. giants would be useful for level 8 as well. A piked tsuk is 10.0 start at level 8
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