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Well, we've had a rough day.

Shortly after the fun of measuring the kids, they were getting set to head out and play. (nice taste of spring weather hit today!) While Rayna waited for closet access to get shoes, she fooled around on our 2 day young elliptical machine.

Next thing I know she's hopping aroung screaming "my toe, my toe" She somehow managed to get her baby toes caught in the gears of the darn thing:(

She's once again casted, with a beautifully broken toe. She's just beside herself with disappointment. 11 days off her Ontario Cup meet. I've never seen her so devastated.

Any encouragement welcome. She's been weepy for hours, and having a hard time seeing any good in this.

We are so sorry that you are injured and are not able to finish your season. We are sending you tons of positive vibes for a speedy recovery and some for your broken heart. We know you will get better really soon and be back doing what you love best quickly as well.
Oh Rayna, you poor thing, my beloved E once hurt herself on our eliptical it's a nasty machine. How long is that cast on for?

They put a cast on for a broken toe?
Oh, I am so incredibly sorry!! ((((HUGS))))

Like Bog, I am somewhat surprised they put on a cast for a broken toe
Could they not just strap it so she can do bars. In 11 days it will be past the throb stage. Big hugs to her for a quick recovery.
Thanks for the well wishes.

I'm not sure why the cast, they did it last time too:( It's a pretty yucky break, and higher in the foot than I would've considered toe, but hey, they're the doctors! If all goes well, she's in this one for 8 days, then back to the orthopedic clinic. From there they'll x-ray and if everything is mending how it should, she'll go back into the aircast for 4 weeks and then be free!

The good news is, this year she has an invitational meet scheduled for mid May. (they haven't done them with the Provincial girls before) I'm going to remain optimistic that she'll be able to compete in that one.

Now we just need to battle through the disappointment:(
that stinks...please give her our best.:)

what is your nationality? sorry to ask, we are filipino, just wondering
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No need to be sorry for asking:) I'm Irish (Happy St Patty's Day!) English, and a smidge German.

I'm pretty sure you were not actually interested in *my* nationality! lol, I'm cheeky by nature.

Rayna's dad is from Laos. So she (and my other girls) are half Laotian. Guess the Asian genes are the dominant ones!?!?

Thanks for asking!
Oh, how disappointing for her! I hope she has a fast recovery! Maybe she can set a few conditioning goals for herself to keep her mind off things and to keep her focused on the future. When she comes back she will be better and stronger than ever. Hang in there!
So sorry to hear about the accident! Hang in there...there will be many more competitions, but I understand the frustration. Did you write in another post that Rayna is 10 and her birthday is October 19th? My daughter is 10 and her birthday is October 21st! So give her all our well wishes from another gymnast who is almost exactly the same age....:) and her mom.
Oh, I'm sooo sorry!!:( Poor little thing. I know your heart just aches for her. Hopefully she can do some conditioning while she is side-lined. She will come back strong! Good luck, I hope she feels better soon and has a speedy recovery!!
I am alway yelling at my daughter to stay off of that. We have one in the basement.

I am sorry it happened to her and that it will affect her season. It's amazing how often they hurt themselves outside of the gym!

Get well soon.
I can only imagine how disappointed she must be. Please let her know that we are all hoping she gets back in that gym real soon.
ooh, how terrible! Sorry to hear about the toe. A girl in our gym broke her pinkie toe and was luckily able to come back to full training after 5weeks. Hope this heals soon for you.
Oh I am so sorry! One of my worst fears :( - I am always worried that they are going to injure themselves - it is so hard on them when they do. However, onward and upward! She will heal and be even more motivated than she was before, is my guess! :D

I will try to get Alannah to post a message to her - any particular board she should post on? She will be sorry to hear that Rayna has hurt herself.

Thank you all for the well wishes. Rayna was a little more optimistic today, and the thoughful messages certainly helped!

MKR10, koool-that's from Rayna on the birthday tidbit! lol, love 10 year olds~

Sparky, does you daughter use MSN? Let me know, and I'll send you Rayna's email. She would love a new email/messenger friend. I'd be thrilled too, as many on there now are her gym friends, and much older!
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