WAG Adding a beep to beginning of floor music?

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My goal is always to get out of bed by 10:30 ... but i play on my tablet in bed and watch tv and do sit ups:)eek:) until then. :)
If it makes you feel better, I don't usually fall asleep until after 3am.
And in the last hour, I woke up 4 girls and served them breakfast, let one of the dogs out, got the floor music made, tried to tutor a student (his classes wouldn't load), answered some e-mails, and got back on here ;)
4 girls??? I'd stay in bed with my head under the covers until noon! ;)
[QUOTE="Ali'sMom, post: 407961, member: 16490"4 girls??? I'd stay in bed with my head under the covers until noon! ;)[/QUOTE]
Lol, at least the three boys went to the shop today so i didnt have to get them up too... wouldnt have had enuf apple turnovers to feed them too
Omg...7 kids?:eek: And you are functioning? !?!
Ok, now 'i' am beyond impressed. WOW.:D/QUOTE]
There were seven that night. Most nights, it's 4 - 6... but as many as 10. I am only responsible from 9am-5pm (especially on gym days) and then again 1130pm- they are all in bed.
It also helps that the girls are 8.5, 10.5, 13.5, & 13.9. The boys are 12.9, 14, & 16.5 ... not all the same mothers or fathers :)
Hey - just as a matter of record, if you purchase a track from us and want a 2-second beep, just give us a call and we'll add it. You have to order it on CD or Flash Drive, but we'll add it for FREE!!
Not open for further replies.