Coaches Adult Beginner Gymnastics?

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Aug 25, 2008
Hi, everyone

I've wanted to do gymnastics since I was a little kid, but my parents wouldn't allow it (they were afraid of eating disorders, so dance was right out too). I did karate when I was growing up, and picked up ballet and Irish dance in college. I still do Irish dance occasionally.

So, I'm finally in a position where I can afford gymnastics classes and have the time in the evenings to go. I'm 29, and I'm not in great shape at the moment (not awful, but not perfect, just kinda average American). Is gymnastics something that can help me get into shape, or should I hit 24 hour fitness for a few months (that'd be really hard... I hate hamster wheel type exercise!). Is gymnastics even possible at my age?

There's a gym down the street that offers adult beginner classes, and I'm kind of wondering what to expect, what should I wear, and how do I avoid looking like a total moron?
Don't worry about anything! It's a beginner class so no one expects you to know gymnastics already. You'll probably have some complete beginners like yourself in the class and some who have done gymnastics before but it's been a few years. I would wear shorts and a T-shirt/tank top. Whatever you can move easily in and that your teachers can still see your body position in. Don't wear anything that has buckles or zippers because it can damage equipment. You may also want a shirt that's tighter or that you can tuck in in case you go upsidedown. Bare feet is probably best once you get there, and hair in a ponytail is fine.

Gymnastics is possible at your age and can be a ton of fun! Not sure what your gym will do, but the gym I go to does a long stretching and trampoline warmup. Then they'll do maybe two events. What you work on at each event is very individual depending on skill level. Adult beginning classes aren't very pounding on the body, but they are a great workout, so don't worry that you're out of shape.
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