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Feb 7, 2007
I am going to be starting an adult women's apparatus class at my gym and I've decided to offer it twice a week for two hours each class. I have over a month to plan how I'm going to organize it and coach it; what I want to focus on and I want the women to get the most that they can out of these classes. If anyone who reads this could throw out any ideas they have for me just about ANYTHING I could use to help me be a better coach for adults. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!
This is a very tough class to get going and teach. Our main problem was always consistency. Adults have things that come up and many of them end up missing classes.

Don't start the class right after new year's. You will get a whole bunch of people signing up for one month and then dropping. Start your program now so it is established when resolution time comes around.

"I used to be a gymnast...let's do aerials." This is what happens, then your entire class pulls every muscle in their body. Get rid of this problem by starting every class with a 30 minute cardio style warm up. This will get your gymnasts back into shape and keep them in class longer. Cardio style means aerobics, not what your level 6's do.

Market your class as a "Great way to stay in shape (or get into shape)"...not a "Great way to relive the glory days". Start slow and progress over time. You'll have gymnasts that will drop out because they are too sore after trying a handstand.

Last of all, give them what they want. Don't make them do things they don't want to...or you are not capable of spotting safely. Adults get hurt very easily.
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