MAG Advice appreciated: Restructuring my body for gymnastics

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May 29, 2022
Hello ChalkBucket-Community,

I've just started Gymnastics last summer at 22 years old and finally found the sport I love with all my heart. I did a lot of sports prior to doing gymnastics (martial arts, soccer, swimming, weightlifting), but mostly come from a bodybuilding/fitness background. I struggle quite a lot in the flexibility department and feel like I have the "wrong kind of strength", if you know what I mean.

Now I kind of have to restructure my whole body, and I don't really know how to. I'd like to build a training concept for the gym, which will supplement my gymnastics training. I am fully aware that I won't be an Olympic level gymnast at 23 anymore, but I do want to become as good as I can. That is a goal I have always had for the sports I did, and would honestly appreciate every kind of advice, as I really do enjoy doing gymnastics (I love rings the most :D)

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.
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Sep 3, 2005
I wouldn't really worry about restructuring your body. I would just work on getting the strength and flexibility required to do the skills that you are looking to do.

Start with a simple skill... "skill A". Get the strength and flex for "skill A" and achieve it. Then move on to "skill B".

I would start by really keeping it simple and having fun with gymnastics... then as you get further into it you can develop an entire plan.
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