WAG Advice for fixing bent legs in kips?

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Aug 3, 2022
What can gymnasts do to improve bent legs in kips?

I’ve had my kip for over a year and have advanced with many more bar skills including pirouettes but can’t seem to advance very easily with my kip. I recently developed an issue with bending my legs as they go up to the bar. It’s messed up my ability to cast from it well (which has been hard even without the bend legs) and my high bar kip is just all over the place.

I’ve heard it might be due to weak hip muscles which I’ve been told I also have and have been inconsistently doing physical therapy exercises on my own for it. Not officially but have a family friend who is a physical therapist and gave me some things to do after evaluating me. I’ve been doing them and they’ve definitely improved my knee issues significantly, but I’m thinking the weak hip muscles (causing knee pain) may have something to do with this bent knees situation. I try my best to keep them straight but it’s not as simple as just tightening my knees in a layout or back handspring or any other skill I’ve done. So I’ll keep trying to do the physical therapy as often as I can but are there any other causes or fixes you know of?
Nov 9, 2022
Maybe the reason is core strength? Not being strong enough in the core to hold your legs up straight? Can you hang on the bar and do a L hold? Can you do leg lifts?
Or it may be a habit...a year of kips with bent legs has probably become a habit...
Or it maybe the hip weakness you said...