advice for gymnast on training hours and possible gym swap?

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May 5, 2020
Hi, I recently turned 17 and started gymnastics when I was 14. Before that, I taught myself to master most of the basics (cartwheel, forward and back walkover, handspring, 1 min handstand hold) and was always flipping around at home. When I started gym I quickly got moved into a squad which trains only 4 hours a week, during which we don’t get coached properly or taken seriously. I’d love to join the better squad and train more, and to show the coaches that I am serious about it I don’t muck around during training and work as hard as I can, including working on my stretching and conditioning nearly every day at home. I know that the coaches have several times considered me to join the better squad, because I am strong, flexible, work hard and learn fast, but they always dismiss me because of my age! I am desperate to train more and be taken seriously, but at the same time I realise they don’t want to waste their efforts on a 17 year old like me who won’t ‘make it’ and is harder to coach because I am bigger (taller) than the other girls in the better squad, even though I am strong and lean. During the holidays I trained with the better squad and really enjoyed being pushed more and training more and generally being taken seriously for once! I realise that in the better squad there are 7 year olds that are better than me, but most of them have been doing it since they were 3 and so have been doing it for much longer than me. ‘keep trying to be the best me I can be‘ is what I keep trying to tell myself but sometimes it can be demotivating when your coaches don’t believe in you. I’m not sure what to do - should I speak to my coach about it? or switch gyms? This matter is pressing very heavily upon me as the more time passes I feel like there is less hope for them to consider me. Does anyone have any advice? thank you in advance!
Are you close to going to Uni? My daughter was in Glasgow this year and joined the Uni gymnastics club. Not only was it stupidly cheap, it was also amazing. From total beginners, to elite level all helping each other out. Socially it was a hoot too. Definitely something to contemplate, even if a year away.

If not, then totally talk to your coaches, you are basically an adult, and I would be really happy to have someone your age come to chat about dreams, goals etc. If you do not bring it up, they may never realise how passionate you are. Leaving this gym probably will not solve your issues, but talking things out really could change things.
Hi, thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it and will most definitely try and talk to my coaches about it - hopefully we can work together to sort something out :)
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