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Oct 15, 2022
My oldest started late at almost 8 years old.
8 - level 4
9- level 5
10 - level 7
11 - level 8
12 - level 9
13 - repeating level 9

My younger DD
6 - level 3
7 - level 4
8 - level 5
9 - level 7
10 - level 8


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Aug 22, 2014
13 mo- 3 mommy and me
3&4 preschool
5&6 devo/pre team
7 old 4
8 old 4
9 old 5
10 new 5
11 L6
12 L7
13&14 L8
15, 16 and 17 L9
18 L10
19 D3 College

3 Preschool
4 Hot shots
5 devo
6 L2
7 L3
8 training year not competing
9 L4
10 L6
11 L7

Boy 1
1&2 mommy and me
3&4 preschool
5 TNT devo
6 TNT (I can't remember all of the levels as they are different per event)
7 MAG devo
8 MAG L4
9-15 TNT
16-17 TNT optional

Boy 2
3&4 preschool
5 TNT devo
6-13 TNT
14 TNT optional
Jan 15, 2023
A year or two of preschool rec stuff.
Level 1: kindergarten and 1st grade
Level 2: 2nd grade
Level 3: 3rd grade
XG: 4/5th grade (quit beginning of 5th)
1 year off
3 years rec
Level 6: 9th grade, returning for a partial season.
Goals: Unsure, possibly competing a full season next year.
Mar 28, 2022
My daughter was in rec for the longest time as no coach was willing to help her get to team or put her on team until we moved gyms for bronze. Then after gold we moved gyms again to our current gym.
rec- age 6-10
xcel bronze- age 11
xcel silver- age 12
xcel gold- age 13
xcel platinum- age 14
She dreams of doing college gymnastics even though she knows that it is unrealistic at her age and level. No matter where she ends up, she still always works so hard in the gym fighting to as many turns as possible.
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Apr 14, 2022
How did I miss this fun thread? Thank you for all your stories.

Rec: 5YO
Preteam: 5YO
Then she quit for awhile. Wanted to do horseback riding, which we allowed for a little while God if you think gymnastics is expensive, you ain't seen nothing.

Rec again: 1st grade
XB: 2nd grade
XB: 3rd grade

Yes, she did XB twice. The coach thought she'd benefit from another year and the coach was right. Her first year was wobbly. Her second year was a sea of gold...but then...pandemic. No competitions and a year of no practice in our state.

XS: 5th grade
XG: 6th grade (today)

She wants to to XG twice, and I'm fine with that. Whatever. I just write the checks.

Goals: None, really. She just wants to do well in competition, get new skills, quit when she doesn't like it any the end of a season because you can't just bail on your team midway through.

I'd like to see her stay strong and maintain the focus and mindfulness she gets from gymnastics.
Jan 26, 2023
We had sort of a weird path because we moved around both to different cities and different gyms within a city.

<2y: Mommy and Me
3y: Pre-rec
4y: Pre-team
4y: Pre-rec at new gym in new city
5y: Rec
5y: Pre-team
Kindergarten: Pre-team at new gym in same city
1st grade: Pre-team with local Level 1 Meets
2nd grade: L2
3rd grade: L3

Goals: Keep having fun and working hard, possibly compete in college
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