Age or level for grips

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I would suggest level 5 but it really depends on the gymnast. I got mine before I got my kip, because I had just returned from a long break from gymnastics and my hands were severely ripping. I sometimes see (at meets) level 4s wearing grips and it seems to bother the younger ones.

It really depends on the gymnast. If she wants grips for understandable reasons, example: my hands keep ripping, grips are a good idea. If she just wants grips because "the older girls have them" you might want to hold out.
We let our girls get grips when they have a solid kip and are working level 5. Generally, we require them to have grips before they start jumping to the high bar, although sometimes younger and smaller level 5s to not get grips until later, as they have not developed a good grip on the bar without grips.

As for level 4s using grips, mill circles are very awkward with any sort of dowel grip, although it can be done.
When we started to learn a kip.

Fuzi... I don't know anyone that even had those little palm guards when they were learning their mill circle!! We even used to do them on the railings in the playground!
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