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Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2022

I would like an airtrack company recommendation that is
-along the cheaper side, but not so cheap that it doesn't have ↓
-good quality
-I would really like if it had an electric blower, especially if it's one of the bigger ones
It would also be helpful if you have bought an airtrack to put down the pros and cons about it if you have time.


Feb 6, 2021
I don't have any recommendations but I do have some advice:

From my person experience, please PLEASE do not get an air track if it's not to be used in a gym under a coach's supervision. My friend had one and I taught myself a skill that caused horrible habits that was nearly impossible to get rid off, and since the air track was so bouncy I had no control trying the same skill on floor and nearly broke my ankle. One wrong move and I could've gotten seriously hurt.

My gym also had one but was only used for conditioning and very little tumbling into the pit. We only used it once a week to avoid overuse and we had no problems with it.
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Proud Parent
Mar 25, 2022
We have a small circular one from Tumbltrak. The quality is good, and I think it ws cheaper than these.

My daughter mostly just messes around and bounces on it, but she does some handstand pops and things like that. She never throws front or back tucks off it though -- those aren't at home skills.