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All of our meets are that way too. They divide the girls into 4 gps.- Jr. A, Jr. B, Sr. A and Sr. B. They look at all of the level 3s, for instance, and divide them into 4 equal groups for awards. I'm sure she will do great.
I agree that would stink to have an "all age" session. In our area we really don't have L3's so I am not familiar with how their meets run, but in L4 this past year it depended on the meet as to how the sessions were broken down into age groups. Larger meets sometimes broke ages down (ex 6,7,8) and smaller meets (invitationals) lumped 6-8 9-10 11-12 and 13+ so sometimes my 1st yr L4 (6) would compete against 2nd yr 7's or 8's. This year they now have a Open (2nd yr) and Novice for 1st yr L4's. Not fair, LOL, that they did this a year too late for us. In our states meet they broke it down even more to age 6, jr7, Sr.7, Jr 8 and Sr 8, ect...because there were so many girls.

Try not to be too discouraged, you would be *shocked* at how well the little ones do against the bigger girls!
And actually as you get to the higher levels it is usually the younger ones that score the highest - they tend to be your naturals.
Good luck. I have seen at our gym that the sessions will compete all Level 4's and then they break them down to ages in regards to the rewards. I hope for your DD's sake they do that. Best of luck.
Not open for further replies.