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1: Yang Yilin
2: Nastia Liukin
3: Shawn Johnson
4: Jiang Yuyuan
5: Anna Pavlova
6: Ksenia Semenova

1: Nastia Liukin
2: Shawn Johnson
3: Jiang Yuyuan
4: Anna Pavlova
5: Ksenia Semenova
6: Yang Yilin

1: Shawn Johnson
2: Jiang Yuyuan
3: Anna Pavlova
4: Ksenia Semenova
5: Yang Yilin
6: Nastia Liukin

1: Jiang Yuyuan
2: Anna Pavlova
3: Ksenia Semenova
4: Yang Yilin
5: Nastia Liukin
6: Shawn Johnson

The only time Nastia will follow Shawn is on beam. Nastia needs to perform well cause Shawn will take advantage if she doesn't. Yillin has an advantage on the bars too.


I hope Nastia will make it to high for her to win! I want Nastia to have gold and Shawn silver.


I hope Nastia will make it to high for her to win! I want Nastia to have gold and Shawn silver.

Me to! Shawns gymnastics is kinda boring to me, I just love the thrill of Nastias bar routine, the beauty of her beam and floor, and her ability to stick almost every vault.
Mar 5, 2008
If NBC cuts away from gym one more time to show swimming, I WILL cut a *****.

So this is the top seed.. nice to see Nistor missing from there.


Go Nastia!

The order suits Nastia really well. She starts off with vault which difficulty wise is the easiest event for her and I hope she can get at least a 9.6 or higher on executuion like she did in the team finals. For the uneven bars, Nastia goes first and can put pressure on everybody else with a score around 17.0. Then there is the beam where Nastia goes last and can see how everybody else did. Finally, she can finish it off on the floor with a great routine. If Shawn Johnson beats her then you got to tip your hat off to her but all I want is Nastia to be at her best. If it's not enough for gold, then it wasn't meant to be and we move on.
Not open for further replies.