All-in-All, A Good Week

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Thursday DH had interview for a new job. They told him they would let him know by Monday. My 3:00 on Thursday, we was signing his acceptance letter. Yeah. He's at a job now where they kept telling him it was okay if he wanted to look for another job. He felt he wouldn't have a job there much longer. New job is much more relative to his previous military job, so he's happy.

DD has states this am at 8:00. Things went well, was of course nervous. Did okay vault, 8.625 (just missed placing), 9.25 on bars (2nd), 9.25 beam (STATE CHAMPION!), and 9.025 on floor (3rd), 36.15 (3rd AA). She was only .3 off from 1st and .025 from 2nd, but her goal was top three so she's happy, especially with beam. They've had 5 weeks since there last meet, and I think it has been too long for some of them when they are used to having meets more often.

We were sitting near another gym. One mom was complaining so loudly that with all the running around she does for gymnastics, she couldn't believe her daughter would come to states and have her worst meet ever. She was so mad. I felt bad, and figured the girl would be getting an earful on the way home. The mom was so stressed out. Okay, I know my DD probably did not do the best she was capable of today, but I'm proud of her! It's easy for me to say if I've seen her do something better, but until I can get out there and do it, I won't criticize my DD in front of others.

DD can't wait for practice on Monday. Old teammate whom she was friends with is joining her team. She is so happy with this.

So, all-in-all a good week!!!


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Feb 26, 2007
Sounds like your family had an amazing week. Firstly congrats on the new hubby job, to find a good fit in this economic climate is awesome. Secondly to have a State champ in the family is beyond exciting! Way to go little Flipper.

Glad that you were able to enjoy every moment of your DD's success in making States and doing a great job.
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