All Star Cheer AND gymnastics????

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Jul 12, 2008
My dd will be moving to team (level 4) in December. (Gymnastics) She has alos cheered for pop warner for 5 years now. Our gym is starting the only competive cheer preogram in town and of course my dd wants to try and do both. Any advise? Thanks! Lynn:confused:


I would say that depends on a few things. First - how old is she? Second, do you think she (and you) can handle the schedule. How many hours do level 4's practice at your gym - how many hours would she practice for cheer. If the hours, cost and travel are all ok with both of you, you could always let her try both for a season on a trial basis and see how it goes.


Jul 5, 2007
Assuming that both are feasible timewise and financially, I think it should be fine if it's all right with the cheer and gym coaches. I would look for conflicts in the competition schedules between both. Eventually she might have to make a choice.
Aug 30, 2008
:bars::applause::rotfl::wave::jump::bouncy::whistleblower::huge::huge::D you may be able to do both, as long as they dont overlap. i am a current level 6 gymnast and go 15 hours a week. i also do swim team in the summer and for fall i will just do lessons and i also do recreational skating. so, as long as they dont overlap, you should be fine.


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
My girls are 8 (level 5) and 11 (Level 8). They practice gymnastics 15 hrs/wk. This year, I agreed to let them do competition plus in-town cheer, for our town. This was only because their USAG seasons do not compete until January 09 and town/comp cheering will be done by Dec 7th.

Shortly after we signed up for cheer, our gym's All Star team kind of "disappeared" except for 3 girls. So the owner looked to the gymnasts to try to rebuild the team. He ended up getting 4 girls from the competitive gymnasts (my DD's and 2 others, a level 4 and a level 8). All summer, they practiced gymnastics from 5 to 8 pm and then cheering from 8 to 9pm two out of the 4 days. Now that school has started, they are practicing from 12 to 2 on Saturdays only, because we parents said that we cannot keep kids out that late on school nights. Because it is a rebuilding year, we are not being charged for the extra gym hrs needed for cheering. So far we've only had to buy sneakers. We will fundraise for uniforms. The competitions will be scheduled as not to interfere with gymnastics meets. So, for us, this has been working out.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
It may be tough to do both only because the cheer competitions are usually on Saturdays and I would assume so are the gymnastics meets. I was considering putting my dd in cheer this year as well on the non-travel team, but couldn't because she has gymnastics practices on Saturdays and cheer competitions would also be held on saturdays. Since cheer is such a team sport and every child is needed for stunt groups, it throws the whole routine off if one child is missing from practices or competitions. It would have been too much running around for me and my dd so we opted to just stay with one sport for now.

But since the cheer is at the same gym as your dd's gymnastics, they may be able to work something out. You will have to ask to see if it is do-able.

Good luck!!!
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