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Dec 15, 2013
I see the programme has been issued for the Alpha Factor Open on 16/17/18 Oct. It looks like a huge comp!!

Dd's supposed to be competing but I guess it will be injury dependent - anyone else going?
The pressure is on- forget the 70+ kids she is competing against - I've just noticed they are doing the design your own number thing. DD is on for a hat-trick - can I (obviously I mean she ;-)) make it 3 wins in a row??

Pass me the glitter - we've only got 2 weeks...
Well in the words of Duncan Bannatyne "we're out". Dd is still injured so unfortunately she can't compete which also means no little jolly weekend away with the mums for me :(
such a shame, interesting to see the start lists, I still don't understand some of the London Clubs competing girls who have done very well at compulsories a level down, surely it will be a hollow victory, and very unfair to the hundreds of other girls trying to compete at their proper level. Is a shiny so important ?
Oooh I saw that. There are some girls competing level 4 on the start list from London who just competed level 3 voluntaries a couple of weeks ago. One of them will be in the London team for level 3 nationals in November! I suspect there are others I haven't recognised. How can that even be fair? I mean you compete level 3 voluntaries you are level 3 not level 4.
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no me neither and most kids wouldn't either. They work so hard to go up a level and are so proud they have reached level X most would be distraught to be dropped a level.
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I think you just have to take this comp as a bit of fun. End of the voluntaries season girls are moving onto training for the next level or for the nationals in a couple of weeks.
That's where we have to differ.

We will never have any girls do compulsories, we are not equipped for that, even going out of county was unheard of until last year. These girls work very hard to achieve what they can and to compete girls down a level is, in my mind, blatant cheating.
I think they may have shot themselves in the foot a bit. I bet next year the entries from smaller clubs who do see it "as a bit of fun" will be way down. What's the point of an out of age kid who works hard to get to L4 on 9 hours a week in a gym with no sprung floor or full size beam going up against a nationally ranked elite track in age L3 kid from an HPC club.

It's not a competition is it? It's a demonstration exercise. If she doesn't walk it then there's something wrong with the way the elite track works....

I must admit when I first saw it I thought there'd been a typo, or maybe she's coming off an injury or something and competing HC.
With the amount of work that goes into preparing for competitions and the effort involved in every stage, including getting the kids to the competition, which may be a long way from home, it should be treated as real and not 'a bit of fun'. In house meets, gym galas and competitions for rec kids are 'a bit of fun', everything else really ought to reflect the level of work put into it, and be as fair as possible.
I'm really amazed that is being allowed. Surely clubs can raise such matters with the organisers? Or is my naivety in such matters showing?
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