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Tally Ho

Proud Parent
Dec 6, 2012
Hi all, I was looking for some new leotards for DD and the alpha factor uk site didn't show the backs and detail of the leotard so I used the alpha factor aerials website in the USA and found that leotards we are being charged £43 for are on sale and would work out about £13 if we bought from there. I got in touch with them via Facebook to ask if I could order from their USA site and told them why and was told no, plus that the uk site doesn't have to put items in sale the same? Does this seem unfair to anyone else on here?
the only way round it is to have a friend in the states who will accept shipping and then forward it on to you - a leo should not be too expensive to post in a jiffy bag.
Ooh that looks fab P_L, I shall investigate further :)

Coming from gymnastics DD1's kit for her new sport is decidedly uninspiring, but i remember years ago visiting the US and they had whole dedicated shops. With pretty colours! Patterns!
I've now wasted an hour looking at all the pretties on the US websites :)

The brand she likes is sold here but a completely different range, with none of the colours or choice you have in the US. I can't see why they don't have the same range worldwide :(. I tend to buy from past season discontinued stock on ebay so at least she doesn't turn up in the same outfit as half a dozen other girls...

I still think it's going to work out very expensive- double the price. She'll have to stick with plain.

Actually I might go and annoy them on FB :)
just a thought - do they have a US fleebay outlet ? I know some sell through there, maybe you could get them with international shipping ?
I wonder why they do it? As far as I can tell distributors aren't allowed to ship certain brands worldwide, even if they do or want to.
For Shipment Outside The Continental USA: a) Payment in full must accompany the order - US Funds Only - MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discount. b) International orders will ship UPS. Call customer service for shipping costs. c) Order early and allow 3 weeks additional shipping time. d) All duties, taxes and additional fees charged by your country are the responsibility of the purchaser. e) Perform Group, LLC is not responsible for any damages or missing goods that are a result of customs inspections.

Customer Service: Our toll free office number is 800-825-7428. Fax us any time 1-800-839-1039. Email us at[email protected]. Hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (EST) through Memorial Day. Summer hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM through Labor Day. Please note that the office observes all major Holidays. Sorry we do not accept collect calls.
When the big leotard company's has someone selling/stocking leotards in said country they will not ship individual orders there.
Alpha Factor UK have a quite extensive sale happening at the moment..
Some of the styles are also the same as sold in the US. 2 that are on sale in the UK right now my dd owns. Though it does seem they cost more than the US even with the UK sale price.
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