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In case anyone was wondering, it seems the Women's gymnastics alternates are going to Tokyo after all, even though they now have Visas for Beijing and permission to train at a gym in Tianjin, China.

I believe the team & alternates are on their way overseas today.

Here is the link to the story on NBC Olympics .com - Have visas, will go to Tokyo


Oh that is exciting. A shame they can't be in Beijing to more directly support their teammates. Sucks that they had visa troubles though. I don't think Japan requires visas from US Citizens (much like Europe and Canada), so I guess China's loss is Japan's gain! I would think that China and the IOC would have worked something out in advance, since surely many sports have alternates without official IOC credentials. Maybe even allowing all possible team members to apply for a visa in advance....just because you get one doesn't mean you are obligated to use it I don't think.
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