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As many of you know, we've been having some problems at our current gym, over-crowding and lack of supervision being the biggies. I've been researching gyms in our area for quite awhile now and I found one that has a good program with some high-level gymnasts (a 2008 Diamond TOPs team member and the 2008 Level 10 Regional Beam champion). So, DH and I checked it out and we were REALLY impressed. This gym has a daytime practice program the is run by the optionals coaches for team girls who homeschool. There's only 10-12 girls and they are very dedicated. They are more serious than the evening team girls and thus usually work harder and accomplish more. They were so good, in fact, that we weren't sure DD would make the team.

But, we took DD to try out at the new gym on Friday. Not only did she love it but she made their team!!! And there's more. They are not having her continue level 4. They are moving her up to level 5 instead! The coach (who has experience coaching elite as recently as three years ago) also said that DD will not train L5 with the compulsory coaches. They (the optionals coaches) want to keep her with them instead. They plan to train her on the level 5 routines and also start level 6 and optionals skills. They'll have her compete a couple meets of L5 in April or May and then hopefully score out of L6 by early next fall. By this time next year, she should be training level 7. Also, she'll start training TOPs and if she's ready, she'll test next summer! All of this means missing out on competing L4 this spring but DD doesn't care. She's thrilled to be switching to this gym and this program. And I'm so excited for her!

I think this is going to be a great fit. We'll actually be able to be home for dinner most every night! Of course, this means that we have to start home schooling sooner than expected. I've been working frantically for the last few days to get a curriculum together for the rest of this year. I'm hoping to get her into K12 Virtual Academy (a home-based, public school program) for next year.

I have to say, I'm so impressed that she went from level 2 to level 5 in six months and she just turned 7 last week. It's also nice to finally work with coaches who are not only high level coaches but who also have goals for DD and the capability to help her reach them. Very exciting times ahead!
Sep 2, 2007
That is great news. Have fun on your homeschool journey. Have you considered K12 as an independent? One of my girls uses K12 for fourth grade and my other dd uses Keystone National Middle School.


That is great news. Have fun on your homeschool journey. Have you considered K12 as an independent? One of my girls uses K12 for fourth grade and my other dd uses Keystone National Middle School.

I did look into it but it's very expensive to purchase. When we do it next year, it will be free since it's part of the school system. We've just missed the enrollment deadline for this year.

But, DD is only in 1st grade so the curriculum can't be that difficult. And she already reads on almost a 3rd grade level so I don't have to teach her to read, either, just expand on what she already knows.
Oct 10, 2008
Congrats, and enjoy the ride. You will be suprised how quickly she gets new skills. Most of our homeschool girls use K12. My mother inlaw was a school teacher, researched it and was impressed.


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Mar 9, 2008
Wow Shawn, this is all such exciting news! I know you've been searching for the right gym fit for a while now. I'm sure you've read the all post & done lots of research about the pro & cons of fast tracking. I know you do your homework;). So I will just say congratulations! This sounds like just the gym you were looking for. If DD is happy, safe & will progess there, that's what counts in my book. Just make sure gymnastics stays fun for her & doesn't become her job at 7yrs old. You'll be running with the big guns now:cool:. Best wishes to you, your talented DD & the rest of your family as you embark on these new adventures(the gym & home schooling).:)


Congrats to you and your DD! How exciting for you to hear of the big plans they have for her. Quite a compliment to her (and probably to her old gym who must have trained her well!).

Have fun watching her progress, and let us know how it all goes! :D


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Feb 26, 2007
Congratulations to you and little DD, I know this is something you have researched a lot.

I hope she has fun at the new gym and you both enjoy your homeschooling experience.:)
Nov 5, 2007
That is exciting.My daughter does K12 and she took the path they have planned for your daughter.I don't miss not having to listen to the compulsary music.


Thanks, everyone! I think this is going to work out great. Not only will DD get more gym time (12 hours for now, increasing to 16 in January, assuming she is ready for it- that's a beautiful thing; everything the coach said was clarified by "if she's ready for it;" they're not pushing anything), but it won't seem like so much when she'll have her nights and weekends free to hang with the family and do other things. She's going to feel like she has so much free time! And I think I'm actually more excited about home schooling than the gym progress. I wanted to be a teacher all along while growing up but somehow life seemed to get in the way. Now I get my chance! ;)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
How exciting for her! Just take things easy with homeschooling. It is easy to go overboard on curriculum etc. She is only in 1st grade and seems ahead of the game with her reading anyway. I would just keep her challenged and not worry too much about it. You can find many text books, possibly the ones she was using for math, for example on ebay, amazon or

Good luck to both of you!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Wow! That's great!! I guess your gym life just got totally revved into high gear! Sounds like some big changes are in store for you and dd! Good luck and I hope all the adjusting goes well for her!


I am totally speechless! From level 2- level 5 so fast!! You must be so proud! What amazing news. Also, I can't believe the news about the 6\7 training. :eek::eek: That is great! Good luck to your DD in the new level 5 season:)


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
WOW Shawn that is amazing news. I am so excited for you - keep us posted on the home schooling and how gym is going. I would love for DD to be able to go during the day and have her evenings free - but I don't know that she and I could home school. I don't seem to know a whole lot :rolleyes: according to the kids !!!
Aug 27, 2006
Wow!! Congrats to your DD, I hope she is happy and healthy in her new venture. I cant wait to hear the updates on how she doing. And how homeschooling goes.


Thanks, everyone. We're definitely very excited. I spoke with her current HC/O to let her know what was going on and it went much better than expected. She was very understanding. I'm glad to not be burning that bridge b/c you never know what the future holds.

And, I spoke with DD's teacher. She was very supportive and will give me DD's workbooks and things and she recommended several useful websites, too. The paper work has been turned into the board of education. We're ready. Now we just need November 1st.
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