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Oct 6, 2018
I'm not looking for advice as we have just come from the pediatric gynecologist, but I am curious to know if anyone else's daughters have been extremely late to start their first period? My daughter is very tall and very lean and 16 and has not yet started. When we explained the gymnastics situation and a family history of late onset, the MD thought we were still within the normal range.
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I know of at least three girls (gymnasts) who did not started until 18. I was not a gymnast and didnt start until 15. There can be a wide range of normal and as long as she checked out ok and is being monitored I would not worry too much.
my 2 girls started very early. Older dd (non gymnast) started just weeks before turning 13. Younger dd (lifelong gymnast) started just a couple weeks after turning 12. BUT my husbands nieces were 14 & 16. There is no time frame that is good or just is whatever it is for each kid, they are all different. I wouldn't worry, she has been to a dr and they are comfortable with it then try not to stress, it'll happen when her body is ready
Sounds fine to be getting peiods later. I might worry if not working out or less lean and still waiting at that age. I think the gymnastics workouts delay it.
Can be normal, but not necessarily healthy. Overtraining can delay menses. You said it's normal for your family, so it may have nothing to do with overtraining.
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Late is normal in my family so my gymnast benefitted from having those extra years without any worry.
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My DD (L10) is 15 1/2 and has not started...nor does she have most signs of puberty. Her Ped sent her for some testing in the spring (blood work and an US to be sure that she had a uterus) and everything came back normal. I do think she is moving along, because she has grown 3 inches this year (during Covid shutdown), getting her from 4' 8" to 4' 11". She is very thin (although she has gained 13lbs this year) at 92 lbs, and I think she just doesn't have the body fat to start her period.
Being late is not abnormal in our family (although I was 10 when I started). My mother was 16 and my oldest bio daughter was 14 when she started. My other bio girls (11 L6), 14 (L7), and 15) are all gymnasts and haven't started.
Everyone in my family always started early around 10. My daughter didn't get hers until age 15 after a few months of no gym in the spring. Several girls from her team also started during the months at home.
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Some important info about puberty and gymnastics!

As said on the video, not having your periods before age 15 is common in gymnastics, but that does not make it normal or healthy.
I was a late starter at age 15, and I wasn’t a gymnast. The women in my family just start late. As to whether or not it’s healthy, if she has been to the doctor and your doctor isn’t concerned, then I wouldn’t worry about it.
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