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Feb 9, 2011
The American athletes have been announced!!

The Men will be,
Jake Dalton
Danell Leyva

The Women will be,
Kyla Ross
Elizabeth Price

I think these are very good choices. Can't wait to see Kyla back in action and Ebee has already proved she has what it takes!!
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Oh, cool! I haven't gotten to see much of Ebee, and I lovelovelove Kyla!
The men are good choices as well, I know that much! But other than that, I don't follow MAG much.
I read that Ebee withdrew due to injury. I was looking forward to seeing her. Such a powerful, engaging gymnast (from what I've seen on TV!)

Anyone know who her replacement is?
Hmm, I hadn't heard that!! Very disappointing. Wonder what her injury is??

I also haven't heard who her replacement will be.


Just read up on it. She has a strained hip muscle and USA Gym hasn't named a replacement yet.
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Not American, but Iordache of Romania has also withdrawn for unknown reasons. They will name a replacement for Ebee after the training camp in February.
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Where is Sarah Finnigan? She was an alternate for the Olympics too and I never hear anyone mention her name to compete at an event like this. Is she still training?
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Does anyone have a sense of how long this will be? I have tickets for my daughter and I, but it starts about half an hour before her practice ends. I am debating pulling her early. Any thoughts?
wait, how many gymnasts total will there be? (approx.) it sounds like there are only 4, but i think there should be way more!

sorry, i've never been to this!
There are 8 women and 8 men, 2 of each from US. You can find the list on the USA Gymnastics website.

I don't think they have announced who is replacing Elizabeth Price yet, supposed to announce it today.

Guessing it will be 2-3 hours long. It's being televised on NBC on Saturday!
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