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I don't really watch it, but i know what's been goin on.....
I like AI, but it's been hard to watch this time.

My daughter was getting out of the gym at 8:30pm so I would always miss a little bit. Now her schedule changed and she is done at 8 but by the time I get her home & fed it is still 8:30pm. It is also baseball season, & my DH coaches both my 8 yr old & 11 yo teams. It seems like nobody is home anymore...we are all running around.

I do watch what I can, and sometimes record it (when I remember) and like Blake alot. I think Lakeisha (sp?) & Melinda have beautiful voices but seem to lack the personality that the other previous AI contestants have had. They are good, but I don't get as excited for them. I do like Jordin too, she's amazingly talented for such a young age. I am also a Jersey Girl but never liked Antonella...thought she was bad before she even got picked for the group of 24 & had her porno pics all over the internet, LOL. Can't stand Sanjaya either...nice kid & nice voice, but clearly out of his league here this time becasue of so much good talent this time.

I am thinking for the end, Lakeisha or Melinda.

I have to leave the room when Sanjaya sings(I mean tries to sing):vomit: I actually liked Gina she was talented and different than the cookie cutter types I guess I'll pull for anybody but Sanjaya now :sigh: JBS its so funny that your wife and my dds coach have the same exact first name since it's not that common,lol but I know for sure their not even in the same part of the country :haha:
Not open for further replies.

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