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In her early life, Johnson became interested in gymnastics and after training for years, decided to aim for the Olympic Games. She eventually reached Class One - the highest status in gymnastics - and participated in competitions hosted both in the United States and in Europe but was forced to abandon her career as a professional gymnast due to a severe injury.
I find this really interesting. I'm really curious to see her in competition now, but I cant seem to find anything and I've been searching for quite awhile. Any ideas on how to find them?

On a side note, she played a gymnast suffering from anorexia in 'Perfect Body' from Lifetime. Has anyone seen it? She was very good in it. Unfortunately, for whatever reason they didn't have her to do much of her own stunts, even though she is fully capable of doing them all. (She of course played the Pink ranger Kimberly in 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' and she did all of them in the television show). Theres a scene where her character reflects on her life as a gymnast, and they included real pictures of herself when she was young.




I remember watching that movie in Wellness in 10th grade. Guh, the only use Lifetime serves is my nightly Will & Grace fix. The tape came with the Spice Girls' Pepsi commercial. So... 1997? 98?

It's a Lifetime original movie. These beasts know nothing of storybuilding, subtlety, acting, or writing. Or feminism, for that matter.

I saw it about 8 years ago, and can still tell you how lucky you are.
It's a Lifetime original movie. These beasts know nothing of storybuilding, subtlety, acting, or writing. Or feminism, for that matter.

I saw it about 8 years ago, and can still tell you how lucky you are.

What do you mean? I'm not asking about the film, I was wondering if there were any videos I can find of the actress in world competition b/c she was a gymnast before she got into acting.

The movie isn't exactly Emmy worthy, but it wasn't that bad, lol.
Hmm, I guess this is all we'll find :( She is a musician now (what can't she do?) has a MySpace for her music. I asked her but I'm not really expecting an answer back, lol. She has a lot of visitors.
I *thought* I read somewhere she was around a Level 8. Don't quote me on this, though! I remember thinking at the time she wasn't one of those people who said they were a gymnast growing up when all they'd taken was a Mom and Tot class.



By Mary Ann A. Bautista

HI! I have always loved ''Felicity'' since its premiere telecast. Among the cast, it's Julie whom I like the most. Can you tell me more about Amy Jo Johnson, the actress who plays her. I want to know her real name, birthdate, movies and her daily activities. Some of my friends told me that she was Kimberly in the show, ''Power Rangers.'' How did she get her roles in ''Power Rangers'' and ''Felicity.'' Does she really know how to play the guitar? Who's her closest friend? And does Amy still communicate with the other cast of "Power Rangers?" --Jennilyn, Sibulboro, Panacan, Davao City

Name: Amy Jo Johnson
Nickname: AJ
Born: Oct. 6 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Idols: (Past) Nadia Comaneci, (Current) Holly Hunter
Hobbies: Currently learning how to sing and play the guitar. Also loves to dabble in oil painting and writing in her
Favorite color: She loves to paint so her favorites are the colors of the rainbow. But if I had to choose one color, it's
TV shows: ''Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers''; ''Campus Cops''; ''Power Ranger Introductions''; ''Saved By the Bell (The New Class)'' (guest role playing Screech's girlfriend Linda); ''Felicity''; ''Eddie Files'' (guest on an episode titled ''Eddie in Barbieland'').
Movies: ''Power Rangers The Movie'' (1995); ''Susie-Q'' (1996) as a ghost who helps a young man deal with his father's death; ''Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie'' (1997) as Kimberly who now aims to destroy the Rangers; ''Killing Mr. Griffin'' (1997) as Susan McConnell; ''The Perfect Body'' (1997) as gymnast Andie Burton who starves herself in preparation for the Olympics; ''Without Limits''; ''Cold Hearts'' (unreleased) as a reluctant vampire; ''Sweetwater.''
Mailing Address: Amy Jo Johnson, Felicity, 4000 Warner Blvd, Blvd 34R, Burbank California 91522

Here's an excerpt from an interview of Teen Beat and Sunday Times:
What is your guiding philosophy?
Johnson: I've been a gymnast since I was seven and I learned very early that being afraid makes you hesitate. So I tend to do things that scare me. When I was little I was a kamikaze.
How long did you compete as a gymnast? Did you have plans of joining the Olympics?
I competed in the US and Europe for events including uneven bars, vault, balance beam and floor exercises. I competed for ten years until my sophomore year in high school. I wanted to go to the Olympics as a little girl and I never competed in the Olympics. So I was thinking, ''This has been a waste! Ten years of my life, a waste!'' But when I landed the role of Kimberly in ''Power Rangers,'' I was like, ''this is why I did gymnastics for 10 years. It had meaning. It wasn't a waste.''
What is the best thing about being a Ranger?
It helped me conquer my fear of acting. I used to get so nervous before going on stage that I would cry. I even threw up once.
What was your life like before you became a Power Ranger?
I competed in the international level in gymnastics and I was a finalist in the Miss Teen Massachusetts competition. I'm an alumnus of Dennis Yarmouth High school and Orleans Academy of Performing Arts. I attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City after high school. Then I moved to Los Angeles and got the Power Rangers part almost immediately afterwards.
How do you feel about being a star?
People only recognize me when I dress up. But whenever I go out of the house, I dress comfortably so that I won't be recognized.
How do you feel about being a role model?
When there are kids around, you have to watch what you say. I'm a positive role model for these kids.
What is the worst thing about being a Ranger? What do you usually gripe about?
The costumes weigh at least 40 pounds and we have to be in them for like 10 hours a day as a Ranger!
Forming relationships on the set of ''Power Rangers'' might be inevitable, how do you strengthen your bond with them?
We're all good friends when we're working with each other but when we leave the set, we go on our separate lives. But being in Australia, it was sort of a different story because we were all so far from home that we ended up hanging out a lot more, going out at night because we don't know anybody else there.
Who's your best friend on ''Power Rangers''?
I got along well with Karan Ashley.
What is the least known fact about you?
I had a butterfly tattooed on my left ankle. The design was suggested by my Mom because it symbolizes freedom.
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