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Jan 9, 2009
I was a competitive dancer for many years and was told by an instructor who also judged some of our comps that we'd get points taken off our score for having something like tape or a brace. The reason I had to stop gym was because of a knee and ankle injury that left my leg basically useless. But I kept dancing with a taped ankle and sometimes knee.

Do gymnasts get points deducted for having an ankle or wrist taped? Do you think this instructor was lying to me? Her reasoning was "if you have to have something taped or braced, you shouldn't be doing this". Clearly the same rules don't apply in gymnastics.
No, you will not be deducted in the United States. BUT, I would reccomend getting a nude color for taping or white, or any braces use those colors. I have Osgoods, and I have two black braces. I finally stopped using them on bars and beam since they weren't absolutely neccessary, and we noticed that with them on it made my knees WAY more bent then they actually were. Just a precaution :D
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