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DD2 auditioned for a junior theater company yesterday. A bunch of girls auditioned for 20 spots. They told them that the decisions will be made by this weekend - but if you don't make it you don't get any notification. It really is the old, "don't call us, we'll call you" If we don't hear anything by the weekend I guess we'd know she didn't make it - but waiting for the phone to ring the next few days might just push the poor kid over the edge - she's only 10. Either way I give her a lot of credit for putting herself out there and trying - hopefully she'll get in (fingers crossed).
Good luck to her. I did theater through most of high school and I remember the agony of auditions. The "don't call us, we'll call you" thing is pretty standard. At our school, they just posted a cast list on the theater door and you hoped your name was on it.
I think she would be ok with a posted list on a certain day. They just told them they will probably has the decision by the weekend - so waiting is killing her. I had no idea what a big deal this thing was. I saw it and thought, oh this looks like fun. When we got there and saw how many people were trying out for a few spots I was shocked. All these moms were talking about how their kids tried out last year and didn't make it so they had them in all these classes throughout the year. My dd really hasn't done much of anything - she does have a beautiful voice, but really no experience with the acting part. Oh well - the wait goes on.....
Tell her to hang in there. And be sure to let us know the outcome.
Yay for Flippymonkey. you both must be thrilled. Like your life wasn't busy enough before.

Best of luck, when does she begin to practice?
Thanks - she starts practices next week. It kind of works though since it is close to dd1's gym. I can drop one off than the other and it is doesn't conflict with her soccer nights or ds hockey nights. Yeah - this is going to be another crazy year. I think we need to set up an online happy hour chat time :D
Congrats to her!

And good luck with your busy schedule-believe me, I'm there.
Wow thats awesome! Congrats!

I am kind of surprised that they play those waiting games with kids so young. Anytime I've tried out for something, I've always been told if I didn't make it. I know those are hard conversations to have, but I give much more credit to a coach who can call someone and tell them they didn't make the team then to people who just say "we wont let you know if you didn't make it".
Wow, congratulations! I know all about the horrible waiting after auditions... it stinks! It works the same way at my school, as far as the "we'll call you" thing. I haven't gotten the call yet. :p

Hope she's having a good time! I can't wait until I get a show. :)
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