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Oct 13, 2008
North Las Vegas, NV
For those who don't know, Allison broke her arm rather badly last May (her humerous was sheared and displaced). But the surgeon says the bone is completely healed now so we're back with the school year and she's practicing with the L5 team. My son moved up to the boys rec class this year and is loving doing the mens' equiptment.

I went and watched her for a while this week. Her coaches say she's doing great and she 'technically' has all her L5 skills (although she hasn't tumbled on the floor yet) but it was hard for me to watch. Her form is not pretty at all. She said she has to concentrate hard on getting the skill, which I suppose makes sense. It's just weird. I was taking pictures and she didn't want me to put them up... poor thing. It's so hard for her knowing that she missed 4 months and that she'd probably have all the skills perfected by now.

On the plus side, they did some kind of kip game last practice and she came home beaming... she only missed it twice out of doing it over and over again for who knows how many times.

Anyway, we are back and excited to be at the gym again!

I posted some pictures on Picassa from Wednesday when I was there. Allison spent most of the time in a team meeting so most are of Alex. Plus, she wasn't fond of most of the ones of her.:rolleyes:
Picasa Web Albums - sewmammabear - Gymnastics
So glad to hear that she has recovered fully! I am sure she will be back to where she was soon. Just having her skills already is really big, form will follow soon. :D Nice to see you back!
So glad that all is well again. I'm sure it won't take her long to be back up to tip top form. I know it can be frustrating, but tell her to hang in there....she'll have it down in no time.
So glad to hear Allison is all healed and back in the gym. Getting to the point where she doesn't have to think on the skills and have her form improve will just take time and patience---2 things most gymnasts are rather short on. Tell her to just keep working and each day will get better. You may have to also remind her she is not only coming back from a long time off and major injury, but is also moving up a level. That's alot to overcome and won't happen in a week.

When will the doctor let her start tumbling on floor again?
Thanks everyone. We know it will come back, it's just frusterating right now. She's a hard worker, though and I don't think she'll have a meet before January so I'm sure it will be fine.

When will the doctor let her start tumbling on floor again?

He actually said she could start Sept. 1st but I think our coaches are just trying to take it extra easy. They had a gymnast a few years ago rebrake her arm after a Dr. said it was alright to tumble. I think it was just a general practitioner here on base and Allison has been seeing a specialist but I am still thankful they are being careful. Better to be safe, right? I'm sure it won't be too long, though. I think part of it is that they want to make sure she has her skills back, too.
Sounds like she's going to have her skills back in no time! Welcome back!!
She will do fine, from a Mom who knows all about injuries!!! Give her a little time to rub of the rust and you'll soon forget she ever had a "break", no pun inteneded, honestly.
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